International Corporate Level

Top 5 Firms That Changed the Picture of India on the International Corporate Level

Having started as a broken nation after its independence from the British rule, today the Indian economy has knocked the sock off of everyone around the world, and has certainly impressed every nation on the globe with its success. Personally, I have similar thoughts about this country that has established a different image in the economic world with its impressive growth rate.

Saying that the Indian economy is one of the largest economies in the world and has a notable impact on the world’s economy would not be a candid statement. Well, this beautiful and inspiring nation is the hub of various companies, belonging to distinct domains such as Pharmaceutical, Information Technology, Oil, and Gas, and the list is endless. Even the figures depict a similar story – the country’s GDP in the final quarter of the last fiscal year rose by 7.9%, and by 7.6% for the whole of that fiscal year. These figures cement Indian’s position as a bright spot among major emerging markets as China slows down while Russia and Brazil see contractions.

So, to offer you a more transparent picture of their economy, I conducted a detailed research to prepare a list of top 5 colossal companies in India on the basis of market capitalization (value of all shares of a firm at a particular time span).


If it’s about Market Capitalization, this firm at present is the leading company in India. It is an Indian tech giant that was started in the year 1968, and presently leads the IT front in India. It operates business in more than 40 countries in the world, and has employed a workforce of over 3,00,000 employees across the globe. Moreover, this firm provides an assortment of services, including enterprise solutions, supply chain management, consulting, and IT services.  

  • Headquarter: Mumbai
  • Market capitalization: $71.6 Billion (14th January 2016)  
  • Revenue: 16.54 billion USD (2016)
  • Stock Price: TCS (NSE) 2,376.50 +8.70 (+0.37%)


This firm needs no introduction as it has established a name on the global platform with its unparalleled services and not to forget out-of-the-box business strategies. All this has helped it grab the 2nd position on this list. This gigantic firm was started in 1996, and right from its birth it has always set new benchmarks for the others. It operates different areas such as Retail, Petrochemical, and Telecommunication, and so on. RIL has a workforce of more than 25,000 employees. Also, it is known as the leader in the production of Polyester in the world. Wow! That showcases the inspiring picture of India’s economic power on the world map.  

  • Headquarter: Mumbai
  • Market capitalization: $47 billion (3rd March 2016)  
  • Revenue: $44 billion(2016)
  • Stock Price: (NSE) -1,107.25  -1.75 (-0.16%)


This is largest private sector bank in India, which was established in 1994. It has more than 4,000 branches and over 11,700 ATMs in the country. It is steadily growing in India, and in the financial year 2014-2015, this bank generated a profit of more than Rs 10,200 Crore and revenue of more than Rs. 31,000 Crore. It has around 87,555 employees, and it is heading towards creating new market goals.

  • Headquarter: Mumbai
  • Market capitalization: USD 41 billion
  • Revenue: (US$1.6 billion) (2016)
  • Stock Price: (NSE) -1,283.05 -2.45 (-0.19%)


The next on the list is Infosys Limited – a new generation Information Technology Corporation. It has magnificently changed the perception of the world towards India’s tech sector. Its working style is similar to its tagline which says that “Powered by Intellect, Driven by Values.” This firm was established in 1981, and since its inception, it has been clear that it is here to weave a new success story in the history of the Indian IT industry.

It surely has accomplished this goal to a great extent. I believe in it more so after viewing their yearly figures that are really impressive. Talking about its performance in the financial year, this company generated a gross profit of over Rs 19,000 Crore and generated Rs 47,000 Crore as its annual income.

  • Headquarter: Bangalore, Karnataka
  • Market capitalization: USD 35.88 billion (11th October 2016)  
  • Revenue: 9.75 billion USD (2016)
  • Stock Price: (NSE) -1,029.85 -17.30 (+1.71%)


Well, the 5th position is bagged by ITC Limited which was established in the year 1910 and presently a leading company in India with business in different sectors. Some of its domains include IT, Hospitality, Consumer Goods, Agribusiness, etc. The thing that keeps it ahead of the others is – ‘never give up’ attitude and keen desire to bring a revolutionary change in the industry.  

Moreover, its annual figures speak volumes about the success of this firm. In 2014-2015, ITC generated revenue more than INR 38,000 Crore in the financial year. Even, the net profit of the company was over INR 9,600 Crore.

  • Headquarter: Kolkata
  • Market capitalization: 6.988B (11th October 2016)
  • Revenue: 537.5 billion INR (2016)
  • Stock Price: (NSE) -240.95 +2.00 (+0.84%)

In the coming years, India will definitely be one of the most powerful economic nations based on the dramatic changes in its economy that will astonish everyone. In this regard, the top venture capital investor Subrata Mitra (partner at Accel Partners and first investor in Flipkart) says – “Homegrown companies, which play to Indian strengths, will soon start emerging as leaders in their business segments.” This reminds me of the popular saying by Jim Collins (Good to Great 2001) – “Greatness is not a function of circumstances. Greatness, it turns out, is largely a matter of conscious choice.”  

Hence, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Indian companies have been recognized on the international level and the statics fully back this picture. I think these firms have brought the much needed stability to the economy of India with their game changing performance.