Top 7 Wearable Devices for Tracking Your Health

Are you tired of combing through the internet looking for a fitness tracker that suits your needs? Look no further as we have you covered. The following is a list of the 7 best trackers and their features. To this end, we analyze all devices in the market to help you make the best decision on the fitness tracker to get.

The world of wearable technology is evolving very fast, and most of us feel left behind by this wave. Wearable devices are the biggest trend in the tech world at the moment. Some of these gadgets are not just fun toys, but essential devices one can use to track their health. In the list below I will look at the best wearable tech devices that are in the market at the moment. The list is based on information analyzed from various sources in the market to come up with the best wearable devices and what they are good at. This will help you find the device that addresses your specific needs without frantically combing through the internet.

1. Best overall tracker: Fitbit Blaze – $249

This is, without a doubt, the best-looking fitness tracker as voted by customers. While it doesn’t have anything groundbreaking, the improved color display is clearly a step in the right direction. Beginners will have an easy time mastering the software on this device as it continues to provide the best all round tracking statistics.

Some people may, however, be disappointed by the lack of a heartrate monitor for intensive training and a GPS. That aside, this device delivers on what a fitness device should do e.g. sleep monitoring, step count, and heart rate monitor.

2. Best for notifications: Garmin Vivosmart HR – $149

This heart rate monitoring tracker is one to admire. Adding to its bpm metrics capability with cool notification features, it is not hard to understand why this is the best device in the delivery of notifications to users. Notifications are delivered promptly and with impressive clarity.

With its accurate sleep and step notification, all from a comprehensive app that is both easy to learn and understand, you can be sure that this brings value to your money. Top features include smart notifications, sleep, and step monitoring.

3. Best for simplicity: Jawbone UP2 – $99.99

This device has been the top best in the recent past, but I guess competition has overpowered it. However, for its affordable and reasonable prize, it is one of the best fitness trackers that provides top accurate data and covers all basics with comprehensive and impressive results.

The software on the device is easy to use, but the data insights are what sets it apart from the rest. It offers more value for money compared to other devices on the list. A key feature includes sleep monitoring, smart alarm, and step tracking.

4. Beast for accuracy: misfit shine 2 – $99

What this device lacks in design, compensates in its accuracy to data collection. According to wearable tech digest, the device has remained true to that and has even redesigned its action clip, vibration alerts, and smartphone notification. It also features a decent battery life of any device on the list. But its trademark is on the accuracy of data with minimal variation. Key features include sleep monitoring, step tracking, smartphone notifications and waterproof design for swim tracking.

5. Best for heart rate monitoring: Fitbit Charge HR – $149.95

This device offers more accurate data on overall health than competition through its continuous heart rate monitor. This app is good for beginners as its impressive OLED screen shows you the daily statistics and also syncs caller identity from your phone.

A key feature includes; sleep monitoring, step tracking, all day heart tracking, and workout stop watch and rested heart tracking.

6. Best for swimming: Moov Now – $79.95

This is a small round element which can be clipped into a strap and worn on the leg and also paired with a smartphone. The aim is on advanced sports training, and it does do a good job at that as attested by the users who have used it. Its features are actionable running, cycling and running data analysis which makes you do better in sports.

The new generation device also works as sleep and daily step tracker which makes it an impressive activity band. A key feature includes; sleep, step, bike, running tracker on to of being an advanced sports coach.

7. Best for tight budget: Misfit Flash – $24.99

This device comes with the same features as the higher priced Misfit Shine as obtained from the major online stores. It is a huge rival to the Jawbone Up that is listed above in budget cutting but as an addition, this device comes with several color options to suit your taste. Key features include; sleep, step tracking. Long life battery and waterproof design.


Finding the right fitness tracker to suit your needs can be a daunting task. However, with sites like wearable tech digest doing a good job of analyzing these wearable devices, your task is only to pick the one that impresses you most. The above information will, therefore, enable you to make the right decision on the fitness tracker that will work for you.


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