Fitness apps you need to check out this quarantine

It is well said that a healthy body is equivalent to a healthy mind. Fitness and exercise pave a way for a healthy lifestyle and a fit mindset. However, it might be naturally difficult for us to stick to a workout schedule by ourselves.

But to our rescue, we have several fitness apps that keep your progress on track and help you achieve a fit physique. Hence, we bring to you the best fitness apps you can download in this quarantine. Let’s work it out.

Best Fitness Apps 

PEAR Personal Fitness Coach


This free to download fitness application brings to you the best workouts across the areas of treadmill, elliptical, spin, strength, yoga. It comprises specially curated workout packages that suit your fitness regime along with video content that has the right steps and modifications.

This application believes in working out smarter rather than working out harder. It adjusts itself according to your performance levels and gives you the correct instructions.

It is compatible with all fitness levels and body types and helps you achieve the best workout routine and perfect body within no time. You can easily adjust and change workout routines according to your timeline, you don’t have to abide by the regular gym class timings.

It offers a free 30-day trial, and a full year of PEAR subscriptions works out less than what you pay in a month at your local gym.

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Fitbit Coach


As the name suggests, Fitbit Coach is one of the most authentic fitness apps. Thus having this on your smartphones enables you to utilize the best fitness trackers to achieve a comfortable workout routine. It makes use of your everyday activity entered by your fitness tracker and then suggests the suitable workout activities and exercises.

The best part is that this app not only provides flexible workouts based on your body type and progress, but it also assesses you with accurate feedback and suggestions. If you convey it to the app that your current workout was a cakewalk, you automatically have your level upgraded.

With a minimal annual subscription of $39.99, the application facilitates you with hundreds of workout routines, exercise patterns, and activities, perfectly designed to suit your body type. You can also spice it up the Fitbit radio and make your workout for added motivation.

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Nike Training Club


This fitness app makes use of the systematic approaches and provides you with a widespread workout collection with exercises and activities that fulfill all the fitness goals for different body parts. The workout timings vary from 15 to 45 minutes, which is different at different levels.

Workout patterns are suitable for different body types and fitness requirements. There are body-part-focused workouts that work towards your abs and core, arms and shoulders, and glutes and legs.

It also comprises boxing, yoga, HIIT at Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Levels. You are also gifted with personalized recommendations that direct your workout routine with the best recommended exercises.

The premium version offers you 4-6 weeks of guided programs on nutrition and wellness, along with new concrete workout patterns for added benefits.

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Asana Rebel


This fitness application works on the principle of incorporating yoga asanas in your regular workout activities. Hence you get a blend of the worlds, and your workout routine is now comprehensive with regular exercises along with yoga practice.

It comprises 100+ workouts created by yoga and fitness experts that share a personalized touch based on your health and fitness plans. Thus the app works based on your specific demands and updates itself with brand-new content frequently. It also provides you with workout video previews for added clarity.

You can easily lose calories and weight to gain a git and lean frame along with great flexibility in your daily life. The inclusion of Yoga helps you to balance your mind and body together and lead a stress-free life.

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With a customized no-equipment workout regime, 8fit is yet another fitness application that helps you achieve the desired results in a systematic format. This application works on the overall experience, hence focuses on fitness activities along with a balanced diet plan.

Thus it has workouts ranging from 15 to 20 minutes long, topped by nutrition guidelines, meal plans and healthy eating habits.

Thus, both your food and exercise habits are in control at one place. Once you mentally set your goal and determine it on the app, it keeps a tab on it and provides you with customized workout activities and eating plans to achieve the goal.

It also gives you a detailed outline of every exercise routine you are undertaking, to ensure you are in the right direction in the exercise pattern.

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This application pays special attention to HIIT i.e high-intensity interval training that is a sure shot way to burn your calories. These intensive workout patterns are worth your time and effort you put.

The exercises outlined in this range from bodyweight-only drills to the generic basic gym weights and equipment. It is compatible for workout beginners to practicing experts. No matter what workout you adopt, all of them fall under 7 to 20 minutes.

These exercise activities are backed up by video instructions for added clarity and understanding. When you take the premium subscription, you can gain access to all the workout plans, cooldowns along with coaching through chat.

Available only on iOS, the Apple Health integration lets you pass on your fitness data and store it systematically.

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This is a fitness application that builds your strength. It analyses what all you lift and how often you practice lifting exercises. Its intuitive and interactive nature also gives you an insight into what areas of your body are being trained well and what areas need improvement.

Your lifting game is sharpened as you can mark your goal and easily track your progress. It enables you to create customized individual workouts or follow an already practised workout activity.

It helps you to come up with a comprehensive training schedule so that you can achieve your results efficiently.

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Fitness apps are a guided external force to help you achieve your fitness goals on time. It has advanced abilities to track progress and set your activity accordingly. You can easily adjust timings and patterns. All in all, it provides you with the required recommendation for the exact workout pattern you wish to follow.

We hope this article has given you useful insights into fitness apps and their wide-reaching utilities.

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