Top SEO Trends Every Marketer Needs To Know In 2021

The present scenario of digital marketing is completely dependent upon the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) process. If you’re supposed to attract more users towards the content, you need to know about SEO strategies. 

It matters whether you are just the beginning of a pro-level blogger; the SEO stands on the top that each one needs to be focused upon. The regular updates might take you down in terms of SEO. According to research, it’s been observed that 70 to 80% of digital marketers used to believe in organic traffic. In contrast, there are more rooms available that need to be grabbed for better commencement. 

Through this detailed guide, I will take you to the complete analysis of SEO Trends so that you can optimize your core content more authentically. 

But before that, you need to know about SEO. So with that being said, let’s get started. 

What Is SEO?

SEO is the Search Engine Optimisation process that is being widely used worldwide to better rank and evaluate the search engine as we’ll know that Google is one of the topmost search engines available on the internet. So the traffic driven onto the platform is in a huge amount that was killed off by using the SEO strategies

From keyword research to backlink creation, each strategy belongs to the US to proceed with. But due to the increasing number of creators and digital marketers, it’s always better to remain updated and to know more about SEO Trends. This will help you get rid of the traditional way and upgrade your SEO strategies to the next level.

To give you a quick introduction, I have short-listed a few of the trends that are going out in terms of Ashu so that you can scale your business and take it to the top. I will highly recommend you to stick till the end for a better commencement. 

Let’s get deep into it. 

SEO Trends 2021

There are work of articles available on the Internet that States to be the most trending SEO strategies but let me tell you that if you focus on if you once, it will be more efficient and other than going with the bulk of methods that might confuse you. 

So I have shortlisted the following ways that you can go through. 

Voice Search


Due to the consistent upgrade of internet services, most voice search services like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri are widely used or across the globe to sort out any of the queries just within a while. And this was found to be the most efficient way to maximize the overall authenticity of the workflow. 

The technology of voice assistant has definitely improved over the years. The only reason is that people issue innovative ideas more often, and if they like it, they consistently remain stable. Although most smart gadgets are going on to the way and interpretation predicted that by the end of 2022, some smart speakers are also about to capture the marketplace. 

This is one of the great SEO strategies that you can apply to the ongoing trend. All you need to do is find the highly targeted and well-researched keyword that you can use in your content. You can also find the longer phrase as well. It’s been found that the voice assistant work in a professional manner and you need to be more nature friendly to get advantage of it. 

There’s a difference in voice and typing; let’s say if someone types ‘Top 10 bloggers’ but in the voice assistant, someone will speak as ‘what are the top 10 bloggers’.

Artificial Intelligence


If you are not well familiar with artificial intelligence, i.e., AI, you probably lose a lot of traffic that can flow out in your way. Artificial intelligence plays a crucial role when it comes to the latest trending SEO strategy. It helps people know what they should proceed with, their likes and dislikes, too. And showcases the only data which satisfies their requirement.

You might be heard of the RankBrain algorithm, which was termed to be trending a few years back, and there was a big role in Google’s SERPs. 

One of the Google scientist named Greg Corrado had helped the RankBrain to make it grow in various ways. And since then, it is widely used, but most people are afraid of using the rank brain in their SEO strategies, which is holding their content to reach out as many people. 

All you need to do is use the time blade and maximize your audience’s reading time on your blog so that they will stick with your blog in the long-term, and you will be able to take more information. Apart from this, Google will automatically rank your content on the top. 



Smartphone users are constantly increasing daily due to the high demand of people on various Gadgets, and brands are consistently evolving their features by serving the best possible features.

Show the substitution primary leaves to serve the mobile-friendly content instead of the desktop version, which is good for the users. It gives the same experience in mobile view. This makes true sense use by the end of 2025; more than 75% of internet users access their smartphones to reach out to the content they need. 

For proceeding with this trend of SEO, all you need to do is check Google’s free mobile-friendly test that’ll serve you the results that whether your content/ website is mobile optimized or not. Ensure that the content you serve should be in a lazy loaded format, which makes true sense.

Additionally, you need to know that Google should be able to crawl your content by taking it to the top of the search engine for better commencement. It’s the most crucial step that you need to take and cannot be ignored in any instance. 

EAT Principle Of Google

As we’ll well familiar with the Google user abilities and the optimization process. So, according to the research, it’s been observed that google only showcases the content that fulfills the EAT principle. The EAT refers to Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthy. If your website satisfies this condition, then it is time to be that Google will locate your website on the top. 

The EAT principle is mostly applicable to niches, like health care, finance, money, etc. So you’ll be able to scale the business more often. To create the best and most authentic content, you should follow your audience’s personas and follow their likes and dislikes. 

The statistics show that if you follow the right content strategy, the chances are to get your content ranked; in the end, ‘Content is the king’ that no one can beat at any instance. Usually, most people follow .com integration; instead, you can also go through the niche-related integrations like .edu, .co, .me, etc. This will help you to scale your business. 

Be sure about the EAT strategy before you proceed further and create the best possible content so Google will rank it on the top of the search engine. 

Long-form Content


According to research, it’s been observed that if the content is above 3000 words, the reading time is also higher, which means you can get convergence of that if you serve the best quality writings in a high amount. When we compare it with the articles of around 1000-1500 words, it is found that the articles with maximum words have a higher amount of backlinks possibilities, which makes them the best in class.

So make sure to focus on the word limit, but it is essential to maintain the same quality so that the possibilities of share increases increase drastically; thus, the audience will be engaged to read the article more prominently. 

But how to proceed with this?

As we know that the subheadings play a crucial role in writing authentic content, so you will have to break down the content in H1, H2, and H3 tags accordingly. So users will be able to signify the content more prominently. The subheadings are best for mobile users to consume content. Try to add the conclusion part at the end of the article, which is way better to attract maximum traffic. 

The SEO content template is the best source that one can grab for the easiness of content writing skills. So definitely check it out. 

Featured Snippets

featured snippet

Most of the emerging stars of the blogging industry use to get Panic by figuring out the snippets. But wait, it’s not like that, the snippets were launched back in 2017 and had a crucial role in the search engine, and it’s the most trending way to enhance the SEO score. 

Whenever you type something on Google, you might have noticed the top box, and that’s what is termed to be the Google snippets you can use. It totally depends upon the SERPs. 

If you’re supposed to rank your content on the top of search snippets, make sure to create the best possible snippets for each content. For snippets’ creation, all you need to do is focus on high volume keyboards and relevant questions that people used to ask Google. 

Add Video


Our team has done research a few days back and found that Youtube has more than 1 billion active users who are consistently consuming the video content more efficiently. And if you’re still afraid of creating video content, you might be lacking more traffic that one can grab, or I would say you can even grab 2X more traffic than your website. 

The only way that flows in your way is Youtube; it’s the best platform to create and consume video content. So if you’re supposed to maximize the quality of the content, you’re free to go through the optimization of the Youtube video you create. 

You can optimize the youtube channel name and description prominently. Once your channel started growing, you’re gee to drive traffic by serving the link in the description. 

Image Optimization

image optimization

Last but not least, image optimization. 

Visualization is a kind of necessary entity that you cannot ignore at any instance if you’re supposed to maximize the blog’s authenticity. It doesn’t matter what niche you follow, but the thing is, each one of the niches has its own images that one can use in their blog posts. 

Google found it easy to crawl your content more efficiently if you add a subsequent amount of images by optimizing it properly. Make sure to label the image and figure the best possible image for your content that you can add in the mid of the content. 

This will surely maximize your content ability in terms of SEO. 

Final Verdict

It’s been noticed that SEO is truly getting more complex. And one of the easiest ways to get most of it is to follow the latest trend and remain updated with the search engine factors that will surely help you maximize your website’s traffic.

In this detailed post, I have shared some of the best ongoing trends out there that you can grab and use in your next post writing. So be sure to use them accordingly to better the SEO of your website and rank it higher on the search engine.

Top SEO Trends Every Marketer Needs To Know In 2021

Editorial Staff at Techlofy is a team of Digital Marketing experts led by Ashfaq Ahmad.

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