Clean your Email List & Increase Deliverability Rate up to 99% with Truemail

TLDR: Up to 99% deliverability rate! This user-friendly software validates emails of all types and removes duplicates, spam, & harmful emails in real-time. Get Truemail lifetime deal at just $49.

An email subscriber list is an essential asset to any company that does business online. Whether you’ve built your email list through paid acquisition or list-building techniques on your site, that list is very likely a core element of your digital marketing strategy. But what if your list experiences high bounce rates? When your emails can’t get through to customers, they’re a waste of time and money — both of which are not abundant these days. If your email campaigns aren’t quite what they used to be, you may have a large number of old, fake, or abandoned email addresses on your list. With Bulk Email Verifier, you can clean up your list to make sure it’s completely up to date.

TrueMail works by verifying each email address on your list in real-time, giving you an immediate status for each address: valid, unverifiable, disposable, or unknown. It’s user-friendly and extremely simple so even the most non-technical users can accurately verify their email lists.

Behind the scenes, though, TrueMail can be extremely powerful. It uses advanced mail-server verification to identify user status and validates emails of all types, from small to large businesses and from all major providers across the world. It automatically removes duplicate emails and bad syntax before cleaning and checks domains for current live status. Once the scan is complete, TrueMail segments the results into downloadable sheets so you don’t need to add Excel or other software. It even has native integrations with Mailchimp, Hubspot, Active Campaign, Campaign Monitor, and many more programs to work with all of the programs you already use.

Tech PCVipers writes, “If you are seriously looking at email marketing, TrueMail is an amazing tool for any marketeer, blogger. It curtails email databases to effective ones and also generates an efficient output of mail marketing investment at an affordable and transparent rate.”

If you want to improve your email marketing infrastructure without hiring an expensive manager. TrueMail is available in a number of plans. You can get lifetime access to 15,000 verifications per month for $49, 30,000 verifications per month for $99, 45,000 verifications per month for $149, or 60,000 verifications per month for $199.

Prices are subject to change.

Truemail Lifetime Deal

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