5 things you need to know about Twitter marketing

Twitter is an incredible platform to expand your business and build a brand image. With over 330 million users, this unique platform of 280 characters per tweet allows you to keep up with all the latest trends and promote your content. It is useful for boosting your website SEO and gaining instant feedback on your products or services.

All you need is a few tricks and tips to revolutionize your Twitter marketing strategies. Hence, we bring to you the 5 essentials you need to know about Twitter Marketing.

Let’s take a look.

Complete and optimize your profile

Your profile is the first impression you make on people. Hence, it is important to keep it original, consistent, and easy to remember.

  • The first element you should focus on is your account name. It is the medium through which people can locate you. To keep uniformity, use the same name you have used across other social media handles that highlights your company name.
  • Next, you need to show the world what you look like. Hence your profile picture should ideally be sharp and original. It can either be your company logo, a watermark, or a picture of your current campaign.
  • The third element is your header image that reflects on your profile page. It is recommended to constantly update it with the company’s programs, campaigns, and other valuable brand information.
  • Next up is the most crucial element, your bio even though the limit is only 160 characters, your bio can be effectively mobilized into a catchy and powerful statement that reflects the personality of your brand and its ethics.
  • Now, the fifth element is the URL where you should mention your company website or any other relative campaign link.
  • Finally, the last detail is your On filling this element your profile becomes more credible and accessible to people even when offline.

Twitter Marketing

Use polls, visuals, and effective CTA’s

Once you have set up your account you need to find ways to generate engagement and activity. One of the easiest ways to do so is by running a Twitter poll. You will find that enthusiastic Twitter users will eagerly express their opinion. Polls are a creative way to generate feedback and opinions, study the customer’s psychology, and gain useful information about their preferences and tastes.

Twitter Marketing Polls

To further increase your activity, you need to make complete use of visuals in the form of images, videos, and GIFs. These visual aids work as a way to showcase useful statistics or portray your brand image in the true light. Thus, in a platform that only allows 280 characters to be expressed per tweet; these visuals go a long way in boosting engagement and grabbing attention.

The basic purpose of Twitter marketing is to generate sales and increase clicks and downloads. Your tweets and messages have to be persuasive and must convince your audience to visit your site. Hence, CTA’s i.e. call-to-actions are a smooth way to drive activity. Some effective phrases that you can incorporate include: Visit our site, Shop now, Follow us, Learn more, and many more.

Twitter Marketing Polls

Cultivate the art of using hashtags

Hashtags are an origin of Twitter and as a brand builder, you must master the art of comprehending hashtags and their usage. This knowledge will make your tweets more impactful and useful.

The first thing you need to do is thorough research to chalk down the accurate hashtags that will exhibit the personality of your brand and its niche. Your brand also needs to be distinct and must have a unique hashtag that is utilized extensively to publicize all your campaigns and services.

As a brand builder and promoter, you also need to be acquainted with the current trends on Twitter that focus on trending topics and hashtags. Many of these shall be related to your industry, so it allows you to improve and sharpen your content. It is also important to note that, although hashtags serve a crucial purpose, you must never overdo it. One to two hashtags per tweet is the recommended number.

Twitter Marketing hastags

Run an ad campaign

Apart from the basic promotional protocols, your brand requires an ad campaign on Twitter to boost its audience, drive traffic to your website, and increase engagement when you need more followers on your list.

Twitter ads are promoted individual tweets with added call-to-actions and they increase your campaign visibility and relevance online. You can also promote your account as a whole to gain new followers.

Even though it can be a bit more expensive than Facebook ads, Twitter ad campaigns are worth investment. It approaches your audience in a very selective manner so that you can exactly target the right people for your brand and products. It also reflects thorough analytics on campaign results and cost per action.

Twitter Marketing ad campaignSystematically schedule your timings for posting during peak hours

For the success of your brand through Twitter, you have to devise a way and identify the peak hours in a day and peak days in a week when your tweet shall gain maximum engagement and target the right audience. You have to recognize the audience you cater to and work according to the schedules that will help you gain more impressions and activity.

Usually, studies say that posting on the weekends gives you a higher rate of engagement as people are relatively free. On weekdays though, the hours between noon to the evening are recommended. However, this is a subject to change as it highly varies according to the type of audience you wish to accommodate.

Any marketing strategy demands a systematic posting timeline. Hence it is recommended to schedule your tweets ahead of time instead of manually deciding to post one by one. This helps you to save your valuable time and focus your energy on strategizing future content. You will also refrain from missing the peak hour times.

Sites like Hootsuite, Buffer, and many more can assist you in planning this schedule with accompanying statistical information about the performance times.

Twitter Marketing scheduling

In conclusion

Twitter is an extensive platform utilized by millions and you can lay your foundation stones here to develop your business, generate awareness, and approach the right crowd. All you need is an effective execution with the above-mentioned techniques. One needs to follow the above steps in order to gain success but there also things that the marketing teams should avoid.

We hope this article was fruitful enough to guide you with the handy tips you need to run your brand on this social media platform.

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