Uber Fires 3,500 Employees Over A 3-Minute Zoom Call

Losing jobs is one of the main concerns we all have right now. While some of us managed to keep safe, others aren’t so lucky.

Over a 3-minute Zoom call to its employees, Uber laid off 3,500 employees which are roughly 14% of its workforce. Several big companies had to make the tough decision of laying off employees but Uber is facing criticism for the way the information was passed on to the employees.

According to a Daily Mail, Ruffin Chaveleau, head of Uber’s customer service had to be the bearer of the bad news. She told employees, “We are eliminating 3,500 frontline customer support roles. Your role is impacted and today will be your last working day with Uber.”

Uber has made a statement saying that since their rides business has been slashed to half, and they do not have enough work for customer support employees and hence, had to let them go.

The report also adds that while delivering the news, Chaveleau had a weak moment and broke down. She said that it is worse to be on the receiving end of the news and thanked the employees for their hard work that they put in the company.

However, employees are extremely disgruntled and angry at such short notice and how making one single Zoom call to 3,500 was extremely impersonal. The employees have reportedly received severance pay.


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