Upgrade Your Oral Hygiene Before Returning to Face-to-Face Meetings

First impressions would be a big deal in business, especially if you spent the last few months only speaking to prospects and clients over Zoom. You want all those first face-to-face interactions to go as well as possible, so start taking the time now to make sure your oral hygiene is up to par. While there are many ways to lean into your oral hygiene, few are as innovative or comprehensive as the Triple Bristle™ Original Sonic Electric Toothbrush with Tongue Cleaner.

Created by dentists, this three-sided sonic electric toothbrush has earned 4.2 stars on Amazon. Mashable writes, “Designed by an imaginative dentist; this unique three-headed sonic toothbrush delivers superior cleaning while adapting to your mouth.” Modern Hygienist adds, “The Triple Bristle toothbrush effectively debrides all accessible surfaces of the tooth structure with minimal effort.”

The Triple Bristle includes three different cleaning modes and 31,000 sonic vibrations per minute, hugging your teeth and gums to get a more thorough clean. The extra soft, angled bristles are gentle on sensitive teeth and braces, the company says, a while a built-in two-minute timer alerts you every 30 seconds when it’s time to switch quadrants of your mouth. There’s even an included tongue cleaner to give you a complete clean that ensures your breath is smelling fresh.

Give your oral hygiene an upgrade before returning to the world of face-to-face meetings. Normally $69, the Triple Bristle™ Original Sonic Electric Toothbrush with Tongue Cleaner is on sale for 31 percent off at just $47.99. You can also upgrade with the Triple Bristle™ Sonic Duo Rechargeable Toothbrush Set for 38 percent off $109 at just $67.99, or even get the Triple Bristle™ Kids Sonic Electric Toothbrush with Tongue Cleaner for your kids at 27 percent off at just $35.99.

Prices subject to change.

Upgrade Your Oral Hygiene Before Returning to Face-to-Face Meetings

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