Book Highly Qualified Sales Meetings With Your Ideal Prospects Using Uptics

TLDR: All-in-one sales automation for sales teams to crush their goals. Start winning customers faster with a free trial of Uptics. Get Uptics lifetime deal at just $59.00.

Alternative to: Lemlist, Mailshake, and Close CRM

Well, you did not make the mistake knowingly!

Simple, unintentional mistakes like this cost businesses billions each year. And we don’t want you to live with any regrets because of a simple mistake.

Not to mention, sometimes you have to follow up with your prospects via different-different channels…

Like Emails. Calls. Texts. LinkedIn & so on.

But, most of the time…

You have a hard time keeping up with everything & most importantly keeping track of everything in one place.

You feel unorganized and it affects your performance.

Have you ever felt like you need a place where you can do everything…?

Literally everything.

  • From, never worrying about writing cold emails again using our robust library of proven cold emails with follow-ups
  • Managing research for your leads
  • Automate your cold emails
  • Automated follow-ups via text messages or emails
  • LinkedIn prospecting tasks
  • Your Power Dialer & one-click call phone system
  • Tracking and automating your “Deal Pipeline” until they are marked as Closed (Won)
  • Sales Signals – so that you spend your time on interested prospects & never waste your time
  • Launching a winning cold outreach campaign
  • Important tasks to generate qualified deals
  • To AB testing your copy to maximize your conversion rates

80% of the work will be automatically done just like an assistant is doing it for you.

All you have to do is…

The other 20% of the important work.

Like talking with interested prospects & closing deals.

If you know the power of the 80/20 rule then this is exactly what we’ve built for you & your business.

Uptics is the all-in-one sales automation platform for B2B businesses to easily launch outbound campaigns, nurture leads, pack their deal pipeline, and drive top-line revenue.

Get started with Uptics by connecting your email account. You can either integrate your Gmail account, Microsoft (or almost any mail provider) or connect your own SMTP.

Upload your leads into your account, and pick from one of the 7 proven pre-built Cold Email and Lead Nurturing sequences in the Uptics platform to help you convert more customers.

The best part… Uptics comes with a bunch of battle proven templates that will help you start off with confidence.

You can set up the tasks at any step of the sequence. For example, say your prospect has asked you to send more info about your services, you will need to get them ready before you send him the next email (or) call them.

The next step will be executed only if you’ve completed the task in the sequence.

You can customize the emails as you wish to. With the built-in A/B testing, you can either make changes to the existing email (or) create a whole new email for the B variation.

With settings, you can set the day & time when you want the emails or SMS to be sent.

You can easily filter out the active & inactive leads with the Smartlist feature. And you can set the Smartlist either for your individual access, or you can share it with your whole team on Uptics.

When working with your team, you can easily assign/re-assign the tasks to your fellow Sales reps before they send the next email or text your lead.

Get notified instantly when someone opens your emails, or clicks the links, or replies to you.

Uptics comes with a lite-weight CRM that will help you set the goals for your whole team, and help you keep track of reaching the numbers.

From your Uptics dashboard, you can check all the key statistics such as Emails sent (by each user), Leads who converted, Your deals in the pipeline, New Leads added, etc.

And this dashboard is completely customizable based on your & your organisation’s needs.

You can’t keep switching to new tools when it comes to automating your Sales & growing your business.

And you’re all set for the best multi-channel sequencing with Uptics, where you can onboard your whole team & focus on sales (not on tools).

Normally you would pay up to $2580/year, but for a limited time only you can get Uptics lifetime access starting at $59 one-time.

Buy Uptics @ Just $59 (Save Upto 95%)


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