Why Use Humans And Chatbots Together To Generate More Qualified Leads

One of the most important parts of dealing with your business online is to respond to the queries of your customers. Keeping a staff to deal with customers might seem an outdated idea in the era of chatbots but using chatbots alone will not always satisfy your customers. Hence, the best idea is to use humans and chatbots together to generate more qualified leads. Most successful business websites have chatbots to deal with their customers at the initial stage but they also provide for the particular human interface if a customer is not satisfied with the performance of chatbot.

Why Chatbots


Chatbots have become a very important part of business websites. Having chatbots on your website might enhance the chances of more customer visits and better results.

Humans are not efficient to deal with all problems. For solving problems of different types, you need differently qualified humans in your team. Training them is a big task. For example, the customer who has a query about sales would like to reach a service provider who will be having proper information and skills regarding sales. On the other hand, some other customer who has already bought your product and has a query about the application or any complaints might demand a different skill set in the service provider. Chatbots can be easily equipped with different programs to deal with different types of customers easily.

Chatbots can respond to a greater number of customers than humans. It is very common for humans to not being able to help all the customers. It affects the reputation of the brand when the queries of customers are kept on hold for a long time or sometimes, not even solved. Chatbots are the best way to solve this problem. They are quick and programmed to help everyone out there.

Another reason to adopt chatbots is that chatbots build customer confidence. Many customers are sceptic about writing the first message with complete details. But a chatbot always texts the users first. Everyone likes to answer systematically. You can program your chatbot to ask questions to the customers in a systematic manner.

Tips for chatbot

A chatbot must help users rather than just wasting their time by asking questions and suggesting some common measures. A chatbot can be programmed in such a way that it already provides the user with two or three categories of queries at the beginning such as sales-related, product-related, complaint or others. Once the user selects one, the chatbot will present certain questions to them. Instead of providing short-term common solutions to the customers, chatbots must provide the users with better-quality long-term solutions. It can provide them with relatable links, case studies or can even refer them to a human if they want. Also, the chatbot can be programmed to perform in such a way that it can draw information about the user from their profile if they have one on your website. This will save time and prevent the chatbot from asking repeated and useless questions from the customers.

Why do you need Humans then?

When you get to know about chatbots, you might feel that chatbots are the only solution to your customer interface related issues and you need not employ humans for this task. But the truth is that there are many instances when chatbots are not able to solve the grievance of the users. A bot is a programme and it does not understand the emotional status of the customer. In such a case, another human might be able to convince your user with their better communication skill. Another reason for appointing humans is that some users are not friendly with chatbots. They always look forward to talking to a human. For such users, you may train your staff. Adopting chatbots will help you in reducing your staff and train a smaller number of humans effectively for their work but bots can not properly replace humans.

Final Verdict

Chatbots are very much required for a successful business but they should not replace human staff completely. Human staff can deal with certain problems where the customers urge to talk to a human only. In other words, to generate high yield you need a combination of chatbots and humans to deal with your customers.

Use Humans and Chatbots Together
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