UTM.io (Build and track UTM links) Lifetime Deal Giveaway (worth $1584) 🎁

TLDR: We’re giving away the UTM.io (Lifetime Deal), UTM tool makes it easy and fast to set up tracking on every link.

Right now, you’re building UTM campaign links one by one and managing them in messy spreadsheets.

And while this process is painful, it’s all you know.

Here’s a better way to build, track, and manage your UTM link campaigns and it’s with UTM.io.

UTM.io allows you to build, share, and sync UTMs with your team so that you can have cleaner data, resulting in better campaign results.

If you’ve ever run a marketing campaign, you know the struggle creating individual UTM links.

But with UTM.io, you can use a bulk builder to create multiple campaign links at once, saving yourself hours on hours.

And this isn’t the only way UTM.io will save you time.

You can also quickly whip up UTM templates that clients and team members can use, drastically cutting down their workload and mistakes in spelling or capitalization. (It’s “email” not “eMail,” Sharon.)

UTM.io (Build and track UTM links) Lifetime Deal Giveaway (worth $1584) 🎁 2

Get your entry in by the deadline on Nov 26th and good luck!

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