Edits your Videos Automatically using AI with VlogEasy

TLDR: Vlog Editing made easy with AI, Royalty-Free music, photos, videos, gifs, & 150GB cloud storage. Get VlogEasy lifetime deal at just $129.99.

Whether you’re trying to create a training video, go over some data, or simply keep in touch with your staff, vlogging can be a great tool for entrepreneurs. But recording video, editing it, and ensuring it’s all good to go takes time. The time that you may not always have. That’s why tools like VlogEasy exist.

VlogEasy is a video editor that automatically jump-cut edits videos for you. All you have to do is hit record or import footage from another camera and VlogEasy’s AI will automatically remove the “dead space” to create a seamless, easily understood video. That’s especially handy if you’re recording a conference or speaker series so you can jump through all those dull moments. Plus, when you’re recording a message, you don’t have to worry about those moments you pause and can’t think of what to say next. If you make a mistake, just pause and repeat that part of the video until you get it right. Later, you can manually edit any individual clips that you don’t like.

VlogEasy also gives you unlimited access to royalty-free songs and sound effects and allows you to import movie and TV clips from Yarn, royalty-free stock videos from Pexels, and royalty-free stock photos from Pixabay, Pexels, and Unsplash. You can even import GIFs and animated stickers. With all of that additional content, you can customize videos however you like. VlogEasy also gives you 150GB in cloud storage backup so all of your work is always protected.

VlogEasy has earned a 4.1/5-star rating on the App Store. Find out why when you sign up today. Get a lifetime deal for just $129.99, three-year access for just $69.99, two-year access for just $49.99, or one-year access for just $29.99.

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