Wearables & Driver-Less Mode: The Future Is Calling

Technology is the main benefactor of revolution. And it’s never been as real as ever before. Over the past few years, IOT or the Internet of Things have led to many futuristic innovations and tech breakthroughs such as virtual reality, wearables, and driverless cars to name a few.

With Tech giants presenting newer and better version of each technology, the Wearable Convergence Technology conference in San Francisco this year highlighted on how enterprise organization play a critical role in main stream adoption of wearable devices, and also an ambitious future which shall introduce self-drive mode in smart cars.

What is Wearable Tech?

Broadly speaking, it relates to the gizmos that you can wear and connect with the web applications for a smarter lifestyle. It includes devices which are helping cure cancer, to wearables for climate control, to sports data, to GPS, to using them for connecting crowds. This works as transitional media that is fueled by human interventions, metrics, and tools connected to smartphones, tabs and more.

The Future of Wearable Tech and Driverless Cars

When combined, these two technologies can create a enormous impact on the way we live, think, and travel. The global tech conglomerates like Google, Tesla, and Apple are already working on this new convergence technology while old players are looking to integrate wearable tech for the smart driving experiences.

Ford recently launched a research lab to work on the integration of these technologies to make driver-assisting features. It shall research on the potential of smart watches in data for lane-assisting and adaptive Blind Spot information systems. Wearable tech can provide better biometric data to the vehicle for a safer riding even if the driver is not in a good health.

And other car manufacturers such as Hyundai, BMW, are Mercedes-Benz have also joined the bandwagon for designing smarter cars. However, their transition to driverless cars is still not clear. Faraday Future is one of the companies showing a promising future for this technology. It is testing its design of electric cars decked with autonomous control features.

All the major car companies are seemingly working on the technology of self-drive mode. In the coming years, its integration with wearable devices is rather obvious. More people are tending to own these gadgets and when connected with their cars, it will become a revolutionary development for their life. The trend of wearable tech is not fading away so soon. But, it will certainly witness a big bang with leading techies taking a keen interest in unleashing its potential for smart driving.

Not to forget, the revolutionary Google Glass technology working with its driverless cars for a seamless navigation. Perhaps, the day is imminent when we will interact with our automobiles by using the wearable devices. Call it a wild sci-fi fantasy but smart cars enabled with wearables are all set to transform their self-driving capabilities and your driving experiences forever.


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