Monitor Your Brand & Competitors with Websignals Social Listening Tool

TLDR: With Websignals you can track competitors as well as your Brand Mentions in real-time. WebSignals helps you create and track alerts for important keywords. Get Websignals lifetime deal at just $59.

Brand monitoring is the latest buzz in digital marketing. Of course, SEO will always be important, but understanding and redefining the way Google and users see your brand is highly valuable. Brand mention is the latest metric to measure the brand authority and manage the reputation of any business. With every mention that somebody makes, your brand gets more exposure and visibility. Which could also mean better user experience, happier customers and more revenue.

WebSignals is a smart tool for Social Listening and Brand Monitoring. You can track competitors as well as your Brand Mentions in real-time. WebSignals helps you create and track alerts for important keywords.

WebSignals monitors everything that matters in your niche and anything connected to your company. You get real-time notifications of any mentions of your brand, your competitors or market straight to your inbox. Every single signal on the web is monitored whether it derives from blogs, forums or social media networks.

What is WebSignals all about?

Get Real-Time Web Alerts – Explore your target audience’s needs through real-time web alerts and deliver them.

Automate Web Monitoring Easily – Through constant, round-the-clock web monitoring, find and connect with websites that have mentioned you but did not link back.

Excel at Social Listening – Before planning your social strategies, listen to what your audience is saying through real-time social media monitoring.

Beating Competitors with Ease – From radio to social mentions, discover what people are talking about your competitors online and plan killer competitive strategies to beat them.

Research Your Market – Explore what’s trending in your industry and create data-driven marketing strategies that bear high results.

What’s Included:

WebSignals Individual Plan ($59)

✔️ 30 keywords
✔️ 120,000 new mentions/mo
✔️ 15,000 stored mentions per keyword
✔️ 1 team members /clients

WebSignals Professional Plan ($179)

✔️ 90 keywords
✔️ 300,000 new mentions/mo
✔️ 30,000 stored mentions per keyword
✔️ 3 team members /clients

WebSignals Startup Plan ($299)

✔️ 180 keywords
✔️ 600,000 new mentions/mo
✔️ 50,000 stored mentions per keyword
✔️ 10 team members /clients

WebSignals Agency Plan ($599)

✔️ 400 keywords
✔️ 1, 500,000 new mentions/mo
✔️ 75,000 stored mentions per keyword
✔️ 50 team members /clients
✔️ White Label Reporting
✔️ Domain Reporting
✔️ LTD upgrade Agency 4X

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Today, you can get the WebSignals lifetime deal in just $59/one-time & use the product forever.


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