5 Critical Website Design Tips for new Modern-Day Entrepreneurs

No matter you’re starting out as a young Entrepreneur or already a well-established business, you can always adopt some tips to improve your business.

If you have a great website but you’re not getting hits on your website, you need to rethink on where you want your business to go.

Here are the best website design tips for entrepreneurs:

1. A clutter-free website

A study shows that you only have 5 seconds to grab the attention of your user. And in those moments of the decision, if they do not take action, you’ll not be able to engage them on your website.

How can you make them stick to your website? For starters. Make your website clutter-free.

A clean website is not only loved by the visitors, but it will help them to take faster buying decisions. You need to use the white-space to make it clear for the visitors to see what is important on the page.

No need to overdo the content, or the images, or the colours on your website.

Keep the message simple. Think of one theme and design your page over that theme. For instance, if it is designed page, put down all the elements that are related to website design. Nothing else should be there on the page.

2. Research your competitors

Research your competitors but never ever copy them.

It is good to keep an eye on your competitors. But it is not good to copy what they’re doing.

You need to find your own voice and do that.

See what is working for you. Do the research and find out what your target market is looking for, and give that in the simplest of forms.

Do not make the design complex. Keep it simple, but meaningful.

3. Put that visual hierarchy to use

“Nothing attracts the visitors more than good images.” Brand strategist of a website design agency.

You need to use real-life images. Gone the times when you can use any of the stock images and people will be impressed by it.

For now, people are smart. You need to use images that people can relate to. Images that touch them emotionally.

A good practice is to use images of real people. This will force the users to take better buying decisions by engaging more.

4. Use Easy-to-Read Typography

Most of the Entrepreneurs have not yet discovered the power of fonts.

You need to use typography that can inspire visitors.

No need to use those typical fonts, use fonts that are easy to read and feels good to the eyes.

For instance, the Calibri fonts are far more persuasive than using Times New Roman on your website.

Pick and choose your own fonts. See what is working for your users. If they are comfortable with a certain set of fonts, use that.

5. Where is the mobile version of the website?

What you need is the mobile version of the website.

You cannot miss out that much of audience. People are already purchasing from their mobile phones. You just need to be there for them to find you out.

Make a responsive website that works on the mobile and people can use it to purchase their favourite products from the mobile.

To conclude it all. Don’t just design websites for the Google Spider, design websites that are for the end-users. That engage, inspire, the visitors to turn into customers. Feel their pain and tell them how your website will solve their pain.

Website Design Tips

Editorial Staff at Techlofy is a team of Digital Marketing experts led by Ashfaq Ahmad.

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