What is Swift Programming? Why It’s Popular

What is Swift Programming? Why It’s Popular?

Being a latest and trending language, Swift is becoming the prime choice of iOS developers. Apple released Swift in 2014 and major benefit of using the object oriented language is – you can avoid Objective C to develop an iOS app. Swift supports implication and it does not require the types to be specified while declaring a value or variable. It is a language that is specially designed for secure coding because it easily eliminates all insecure code classes and ensures secure coding environment to create a stable solution. Swift comes with a lot of benefits including:

Offers More Interoperability and Compatibility

An edge can that is created between Objective C and Swift, helps make the world-class designs and programming practices. Swift offers a platform where developers can easily use codes written on Objective C in Swift and vice versa. Additionally, Swift apps are easily compatible with the latest iOS versions, OS X Yosemite and OS X Mavericks.

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Swift is faster

Today iOS app developers like writing code using Swift platform because it is one of the easier and best platforms that iOS developers are using to write code. Apple is more focused on enhancing the speed so that Swift can easily run logics. Swift programming is quicker as they not only helps in importing references for setting up the key function. Its libraries help developers in handling most of the OSX and iOS user references, which in turn, results in agile app development.

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Swift is Secure

Swift is a robust and strongly typed language. It generates a compiler error i.e. AS when you write an incompetent code. Moreover, it also reduces the time and resources consumed on bug fixing. Thus reduces code length.

Offers less Code and quick Development

Today Swift has become one of the best platforms, which is distinguished by reducing the amount of coding required for tedious statements and sequenced management. Swift has led developers adopt features that we see in in modern day programming languages. For example adding two strings with a “+” operator is much easier by using Swift language. Prior to Swift, combining two pieces of information was a quite dreary task in Objective C because there are many steps required for that.

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Today Swift has become so popular that every company is imbibing Swift, and every mobile app developers wants to leverage this new and trending technology.

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