What to expect at CES 2017

What Will be Showcased at CES 2017, The Biggest Tech Trade Show Each Year

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2017) is the world’s biggest annual electronics event. It is organized by the US Consumer Technology Association and is held in the January of every year, scheduled at the Las Vegas Convention Centre for exhibiting new products and technologies for the consumer electronics industry. There are huge expectations from people about showcasing of the recent technologies based on Artificial Intelligence, Robots, Self-driving cars and AR/VR. The show will open up a new vista for many of us who wish to catch a glimpse of the technology driven world that we are about to see in the near future.

The technology giants have forayed into self-driven cars and AI, sometimes last year and are expected to update their designs through this show. The event also focuses on other area of technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality(AR) and the much awaited Internet of Things (IoT), in this event.

What to Expect at CES 2017:

Ubiquitous Self-Driven Cars

2017 will be the year for autonomous and connected cars are about to steal the show.

The technology of self-driving cars have now become a reality. Uber has collaborated with Volvo for rolling out self-driving cars to be used by the common people. 2017 will make this riding experience even closer to reality.

We are also about to enter an era of the connected cars. The cars will have cellular data connections with information on low tire warnings and also reminders on upcoming service requirements. There will be more information gathered by the self-driving cars on impending traffic congestions, road conditions and many more.

VR that is Weird

Virtual Reality (VR) was a great hype in the CES 2016. Oculus, is owned by Facebook.

Last year it had a presence in CES 2016, with lots of VR news. In CES 2017 we will see more focus on the experimental features like all-in-one formats, hand controls and inside-out tracking.

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The global VR market on the headsets have huge prospective market in the Chinese market. These on-off pieces of hardware will create a larger VR ecosystem.

Augmented Reality(AR) is more focussed towards the industry and will be one of the dominating factors in CES 2017 too. Last year we saw interest generated for products like Hololens and in 2017 we will see more such products which are more appealing for mass consumers.

Wireless Audio

We will see more of the wireless headphones and speakers. There is a huge demand for wireless headphones and it is nothing new, but since Apple has pulled out the strings on.

the traditional headphone jack, this type wireless headphones are in greater demand with the advent of the same headphones in the latest iPhone generation.


The TVs are to be shown everywhere in the event. Samsung, LG, Panasonic are the technology giants who will be showcasing the latest and most advanced displays. Besides, the other players like LeEco, TCL and Hisense will also be exhibiting their products in the show. The focus is on 4K and HDR again. There is no more price barrier for 4 K and it is left to these TV makers to convince the consumers about UltraHD for their most progressive living rooms. HDR is expected to become the coveted feature for all TVs in 2017. Moreover, HDR10 is performing better than Dolby Vision.

We will see the curved TVs from Samsung and the latest in this series in 2017. LG has OLED TVs everywhere and as per the ongoing rumours, Sony will also display some of its OLED TVs in CES 2017.


Wearables did not have a great year in 2016. Only Apple seems to do well with its Apple Watch. However, in 2017 we will see more of the Wearables, which are simply focussed on health. We will see more of such products like smart watches that are powered by the body heat and wristbands for curbing nausea. We might also see a smart spoon for gauging tremors.

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In 2017, we will see the wearables more in the VR and AR handsets, rather than restricted to the wrists and also in the exoskeletons, smart glasses and clothing embedded with sensors.

Drones may also emerge as another of the booming technologies in 2017. We will find the smartphone vendors experimenting on AR and VR. We expect to see more of Thunderbolt dongles, battery packs and gadgets and even other accessories for phones.  Finally, CES 2017 will see more secure varieties of IoT devices.

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