What’s New in Chatbot for Travel Industry

Chatbot are one of the most innovative discoveries under artificial intelligence regime. It is a revolutionary technique that has helped brands such as Facebook, Amazon, Google & Apple to track client orders in real time. As the scope and influence of technology is increasing chatbots are promising to offer better services in travel industry.

Chatbots are becoming more commonplace nowadays particular in the travel industry. The advent of machine learning is yet to leverage the industry with effective advantages that is of course not possible with conventional marketing methods. Machine learning is making chatbots more sophisticated in order to personalize customer experience with the same. This includes bringing 24*7 assistance to the clients and providing on-demand services as required to them.

With the help of chatbots, travel agencies are able to offer much flexibility to the customers in order to present assorted choices to them. Booking the holidays online and tracking the details in real time is one of the benefits that come along with the use of this innovative technology.

A number of innovations have already been introduced in travel industry with the use of chatbot. For example – Expedia has just rolled out Facebook chatbot, Expedia skill for Amazon Alexa and a chatbot for Skype.

Here is a brief discussion on the role chatbot will be playing in the travel industry.

Chatbot challenge & benefits for travel industry

Chatbots can be utilized exceptionally well in order to make user experience much better while they are booking their next holiday destination. Users in the travel domain have requirement different from the ones who are ecommerce shoppers. Travel users’ category is also distinctive as there are some who travel frequently and then there are others who are travelling for the first time and need more guidance.

To serve in both of these categories, chatbots must be designed in such a manner that they could serve exceptionally well to the users in both the categories. However, the challenge is to developed the technology to such an extent that the technology could serve as a multipurpose task completion technique, which is a bit tricky as chatbots need to undergo a lot of researching to be able to serve clients in such a manner.

Chatbot future outlook

A growing system of ecosystems has already started developing chatbots for travel related issues to serve clients at each level. Chatbots are now being used for enhancing the travel experience of users when they are amidst the process of booking flights, hotels, entertainment and other such services.

For travel related firms that are thinking about leveraging chatbot benefits in the industry, it is important to focus on using the technique effectively so that maximum benefit could be provided to the users. As this technology is an innovative one, the price for using the same currently will be a bit more for the users.


For travel firms, the key consideration is to capitalize on the benefits chatbots. However, they need to focus on providing first things first and do not try to include all the benefits at the first place. As chatbot is an innovative technique that is still undergoing a lot of development and improvement as well, it will take a few years to gain the complete advantages from chatbots in travel industry.

Chatbot for Travel Industry

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