Why having a Responsive Website is a Must for the Businesses?

From a small business owner with a street-side stall to a multi-national corporate – every business owner often takes the pain of creating their brand. Branding is the utmost important factor in terms of existence of a business and thus as a business owner you may have spent plenty of sleepless nights about how to create your brand and make it recognizable not only amongst the local people but the global clients too! And having an interactive, responsive website is just an indispensable factor towards your business success. Nowadays, most people depend on Internet for their purchases – no matter how big or small it is. They are connected to Internet via different devices such as tablet and smartphone apart from a desktop or a laptop. And so the demand for having a responsive website is amplifying.

A responsive design is a website design used to create a site that responds to the size of the user’s screen. It helps optimizing the user’s browsing experience by creating a flexible web page optimized for the gadget used to access it. Some of the unignorable benefits of creating a responsive website is bunched together and discussed here.

Highly flexible

Such websites are extremely fluid that the content moves comfortably and freely across different screen resolutions and different devices. Both grids and images on the screen are fluid. Just as the liquid spreads out to allow its content to fill any particular space and keep its appearance intact, a responsive web design does the same. Its fluidity achieves the similar result with the site’s content on the device screen, irrespective of its size.

Outstanding user experience

As content is king and discoverability of content is the key success metric, user experience is everything that enables site visitors to consume the content of any site through any device of their preference, anytime and anywhere. So responsive web design is all about providing utmost user experience irrespective of the gadget they use. Such a web design accommodates even the busiest professional during the day and the wide-awake college students requiring access to your website anytime. No resizing or scrolling is necessary for the visitors to have access to your site from their preferred device. Any website designing company recommends this to ensure optimal user experience.


When having one single website can adjust the need of any device; you don’t need to have a second one. And it is quite obvious that the cost of having one site is always less than having two and the savings can be really substantial. Websites designed only to target mobile device users don’t offer enhanced navigational techniques found in conventional sites and they also require the visitors to have two separate web addresses for your website. And this can be problematic for most users and may cause them to switch to your competitor’s site. A responsive website increases SEO efforts by accumulating all visitors and directing them to a single site; no matter what device they use.

Easily manageable

Having separate mobile and desktop sites needs you to run separate SEO campaigns while having and managing one site and one single campaign for that is far more easier. And this is the main advantage of having a responsive website.

Google recommended

Top of all it is recommended by Google. They consider this as the industry’s best practice as responsive design websites have a single URL and the same HTML, irrespective of the device and this makes it more efficient for the search engine giant to crawl, index and organize the content.

Now it is up to you if you want to go with a responsive graphic design for your site.

Responsive Website

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