Windows 10X has already been installed on a MacBook and a Surface Go

Microsoft’s Windows 10X operating system isn’t even out yet, but it’s already been installed on a MacBook and a Surface Go. Its makers released its Windows 10X emulator earlier this week, and people have figured out to take this OS image and extract it and tweak it on real hardware.

One developer was able to install Windows 10X on a MacBook, and in a brief video shows that it appears to run well. Microsoft is designing Windows 10X to run on dual-screen devices, but it just treats the MacBook as a single display and parts it in half so apps run on either side. It even seems to support casting to external displays.


Another developer managed to install Windows 10X running on Microsoft’s Surface Go device, even though driver support is very minimal. Here’s a full guide for the steps to install Windows 10X on real hardware, but you’ll need to be familiar with PowerShell commands, hard drive partitioning, and a lot more if you want to experiment. Given how early Windows 10X is, we’d highly recommend to not install it on real devices except if you truly enjoy playing with beta programs and can without much of a stretch recoup the first working framework on your gadget.

Microsoft is planning to launch Windows 10X in the not so distant future on double screen devices. It will be pre-introduced on tablets like the Surface Neo, and Microsoft has already released Windows 10X emulator in order to get the apps ready in time. We got a first look at Windows 10X earlier this week, and you can peruse our hands-on to perceive how Microsoft is modernizing Windows.


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