Export Google Docs to WordPress in Seconds with WordPigeon Lifetime Deal $96

TLDR: Simplify Your Content-Exporting Game from Google Docs to WordPress in a One-Step Process. Get this ultimate tool to help you Export Google Docs to WordPress in Seconds at just $96.

Transferring your content from Google Docs to WordPress is no JOKE! The hours of hard work that goes into creating a successful piece of media content on Google Docs goes down the drain after copy-pasting it to WordPress because you have to rework on the formatting all over again!

Having a structured and layered content on Google Docs is the first step to cure anyone’s Content OCD but the crucial pain point for any content creator starts when they have to re-structure it again after copy-pasting it to their WordPress site – from formatting lines, media images, bullet points, H1, H2, H3, H4, font, style – EVERYTHING!

But, with WordPigeon, you can simply migrate your blog to WordPress in seconds. One-click and you are DONE!

Use the power of Google Docs and WordPress combined together with WordPigeon.

WordPigeon now only allows you to save hours transferring your content from Google Docs to WordPress but also saves you the extra storage space you would need otherwise to store your content for manual sorting, images, and other files.

What does WordPigeon offer you?

Easy Migration – Instead of copying and pasting from Google Docs to WordPress and losing your images and formatting in the process, Word Pigeon makes it easy to compose your posts in Google Docs and publish to WordPress with your images, links, and formatting intact. In a single click. No coding. No changes to your WordPress theme. No crazy code to break your site. Just massively increased productivity and HOURS saved.

What’s can you do and retain with WordPigeon?

  • Select to export as a WordPress Page or a Post
  • Select to export as a Draft or published into your WordPress blog
  • Choose Tags for the WordPress post (optional)
  • Images exported across (PNG, GIF, JPG)
  • Animated Gifs supported
  • Choose Categories for your WordPress post(optional)
  • Choose Author of the WordPress post (optional)
  • Image resizes retained
  • Links retained
  • Colors retained for Text Colour, Highlight Colour and table cell background-color
  • Text decoration Retained for bold, underlined, italic or any combination of the three
  • Tables Exported
  • Embedded Charts Exported
  • Text Alignment on the page and in tables Retained
  • Horizontal Lines inserted from the google doc inserted as <hr /> tags

How to integrate WordPigeon with Google Drive?

When you activate your WordPress site with WordPigeon, you can create a Google Drive folder that it can then access documents from. Folders are created in the format ‘WordPigeon – http://www.your-wordpress-site.com’. You can also add additional folders manually should you choose to.

Who can use WordPigeon?

Anyone who loves to create content and also would love to save the migration time so that they can improve their collaboration process and build a better blog.

  • Content Creation Teams
  • Solo Bloggers
  • Content Editors
  • Content Freelancers
  • Anyone who loves using Google Docs and WordPress together

So, no more lost Word files, no more frustration, and confusion, imperfect alignments, and formatting. Simply write your perfect piece of content in Google Docs and then transfer it seamlessly to WordPress.

WordPigeon Plan Details and Pricing

WordPigeon Phoenix Plan

  • Easy Google Doc to WordPress Migration
  • 5 Websites
  • 10 members
  • Unlimited Exports
  • All Future Features and Updates

Get this lifetime deal now at just $96.99, limited time only.

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