WPCompress Review: The Best WordPress Image Compression Plugin

Are you looking for the best WordPress image optimizer plugin for your blog/website? Image compression plugins allow you to easily optimize images in WordPress for better speed and performance.

So what’s the easiest way to optimize images on WordPress? With an image optimization plugin!

In this WP Compress review, We’ll give you a look at a relatively new entrant to the image optimization plugin. In general, it’s an easy to use plugin with a couple unique twists to differentiate it from the other options. And, most importantly, it also does a pretty good job at compressing your images!

At the end, we’ll also share an awesome lifetime deal that we got the developers to extend for Techlofy readers.

What is WP Compress?

WP Compress is a cloud-based image optimization tool for WordPress. WP Compress makes your website load faster, convert better and rank higher on Google, all within just a few clicks and on complete autopilot. Faster loading images can significantly lower your bounce rate and increase conversions by up to 7% for every second you take off image loading time.

WP Compress gives you three options for compressing your images to get the file size down even further:

  • Lossless – the smallest file size reduction, but ensures that there’s no loss in quality.
  • Intelligent – lossy compression but with minimal loss in image quality. This is the level of compression that the plugin recommends for most sites.
  • Ultra – a more aggressive type of lossy compression that might have a more noticeable drop in quality.

This three-level approach to compression is pretty standard for image compression plugins nowadays.

Other features include:

  • Original backups – unlike many other plugins, WP Compress stores these in the cloud, rather than on your server, which saves you some space. This is one of the plugin’s unique twists.
  • Night-time optimization – you can wait to optimize your images during low-time so that you don’t have to wait for optimization immediately after uploading an image. This is a small one – but waiting around is annoying! This is another feature that’s fairly unique, though it’s not included in the basic free version.
  • Preserve EXIF data – you can choose whether or not to keep the EXIF data.
  • Hide WP Compress from Media Library – if desired, you can hide all traces of WP Compress from your Media Library screen. Another unique feature.
  • Manually exclude certain images – you can exclude individual images that you don’t want to be optimized.

Hands-On With WP Compress: Touring The Interface

Using WP Compress is pretty simple. When you first install it, you’ll need to enter your email address to generate a free API key. Then, you plug in that API key into the interface to unlock the plugin’s functionality.

Once you do that, you get a single settings page where you can configure the core functionality like:

  • Choosing your compression level
  • Automatically resizing images

WPCompress Review: The Best WordPress Image Compression Plugin 2

If you’re installing the plugin on an older site, you can go to Media → Optimize All Images to bulk optimize all of your existing images:

WPCompress Review: The Best WordPress Image Compression Plugin 3

And a nice thing is that WP Compress also gives you an option to bulk Restore All Images if needed:

WPCompress Review: The Best WordPress Image Compression Plugin 4

Finally, you can also use the list view of your WordPress Media Library for another way to interact with the plugin.

Here, you can manually compress or exclude individual images:

WPCompress Review: The Best WordPress Image Compression Plugin 5

Once you’ve compressed some images, you’ll also see the file savings. And another nice feature is that you can easily restore the original image if needed:

WPCompress Review: The Best WordPress Image Compression Plugin 6

One feature that I’d like to see added here is the ability to change the compression level for individual images on-the-fly. This is something that ShortPixel lets you do, and it comes in handy when sometimes you just want to hit a single image with more or less compression.


Why Should You Use WP Compress?

WP Compress is the best WordPress image optimization plugin ever. It does not allow you to only decrease your images size but it also allows you to resize your images while compressing for even greater reductions. WP Compress allows you to speed up your website with just 1-click by optimizing images to decrease file size so that your images load faster on all devices.

With WP Compress image optimization plugin you can effortlessly:

  • Shrink file sizes while retaining quality
  • Resize WordPress optimize images for maximum savings
  • In just one click you can easily optimize all of your images to the desired settings and satisfy that every single image on all pages is optimized and loading faster.
  • It will allow you to restore to the original at any time
  • You can exclude an image from bulk optimization

Always Safe and Secure

WP Compress intelligently prevents over-optimization, stores cloud backups of all compressed images and allows you to restore at any time if for any reason you are unhappy with the output.

They even host the cloud backups for you to not take up additional space on your servers.

WPCompress Review: The Best WordPress Image Compression Plugin 7

Price of WP Compress

Like most other image optimization plugins, WP Compress offers a limited free plan. If you exceed those limits, you’ll need to pay.

WP Compress’ free plan lets you optimize up to 1,000 images for free. Keep in mind that this limit includes different image sizes, which is pretty standard.

To earn additional credits, you can:

  • Refer friends to earn more free credits
  • Pay for a premium plan

The premium plan also unlocks all the features, like premium servers and automatic/night-time optimization.

Premium plans start at just $15 per year. But we have a special deal for Techlofy readers. You can get a LIFETIME plan for just $49. This plan lets you optimize 6000 images every year FOR LIFE for a one-time fee.

Better yet, you can use these image credits across different sites.

Final Thoughts On WP Compress

There are a lot of great WordPress image optimization plugins, and I think WP Compress fits right in. WP Compress was tops at lossless compression and second-place in lossy compression of the plugins I tested.

And beyond that, WP Compress has some nice smaller differentiating features like:

  • Backing up your original image to the cloud, rather than your own server
  • Night-time optimization for easier workflow

And with the lifetime deal that’s still available for Techlofy readers, it’s hard to beat the pricing. You get 1,000 image optimizations for free. So give it a try. And if you like it, make sure to snag the lifetime deal before it expires.


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WPCompress Review

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