Xamarin Development Pros: why for business to consider

Marketing competition is getting tighter and tighter. Mobile application is one of the few current options to stand out. When a company finally takes a decision to go further in this direction, it has two options hybrid development and native development. The former is cheaper and faster, the later is better in the UI/UX and performance nature. Due to this, the choice gets even harder. Xamarin is a great way out here. It is faster and cheaper due to shareable code and has a great performance, as well as UI/UX, giving a native app for several platforms.

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Xamarin can boast of offices in 4 countries with more than one million developers using it in approximately 120 countries.

With Xamarin, developers can create native apps for iOS, Android, and Windows by writing in one programming language, C#. It allows sharing up to 90% of the non-interface code. Native apps with high functionally get possible thanks to full access to the native APIs. Moreover, Xamarin provides platform update the same platform itself launches it.

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With Xamarin Test Cloud, developers get an opportunity to test their apps on around 3,000 devices. In addition to this, it behaves the same way your future clients will: it swipes, it scrolls, and much more.

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Xamarin is used by more than 15,000 companies. Its sales have doubled, comparing 2014 and 2015 years. And there are fair reasons for this: have more, use more, wait less, and spend less. What business will refuse such an offer?

Original source: Xamarin Development from Glorium Technologies