How to achieve more Youtube subscribers in just 7 steps

Youtube subscribers play a crucial role and are equally important to the views you receive. They are the first ones to view and engage with your content and they are an important indicator of the popularity of your channel. Your subscribers are your primary audience and fan base. Thus, apart from creating original and good content, a Youtuber must employ ways to increase his subscribers and keep the current ones on the list.

Hence, we bring to you these 7 amazing techniques that can boost your subscriber numbers.

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Youtube subscribers play a crucial role and are equally important to the views you receive. Your subscribers are your primary audience and fan base

Create more and more watchable content

The basics of achieving good subscriber numbers are by establishing an interesting content base. You will have more people on your channel only when your content gives them a reason to be hooked with it. Good content on your channel can be created by utilizing some basic tricks in its production stage itself.

The first step of it will be conducting thorough research to fill the gaps between what you want to show and what your audience expects from your channel. You must find creative ways to exhibit your videos better than your fellow competitors. Your videos must be well written and well-scripted because good writing is a major crowd puller.

Youtube subscribers content

While you shoot your video, you must take into account the various attributes of background and lighting to make an aesthetic appeal. It is always better to invest in good quality equipment for better results in the future. Now, while you shoot your video you must keep in mind that the first impression matters the most. Hence the introduction, i.e. your first 20 seconds has to be extremely captivating so that viewers wish to continue with the rest of the video.

Optimize your channel homepage for better results

It is a common practice that the majority of the viewers subscribe from the channel homepage subscribe button, hence it is important to make it look enticing and optimize it for effective results. The primary focus here should be drifted towards your channel’s header look. Hence if you wish to have more subscribers, your channel header should be compelling and persuasive with an accurate brand image so that people are motivated to tune-in to your content.

Now after you work on your channel image, there are a few other things you need to pay attention to. The first one is your profile picture. It is cent percent recommended to use your picture, something your fans and audience base will identify you with. You should also incorporate a short channel trailer and create interesting playlists right under it to gain additional viewership and subscriptions.

Youtube Subscribers optimize


Follow a systematic timeline of publishing content

The key to getting more subscribers is to keep publishing content regularly to ensure your current subscribers have new videos to watch every week. Greater the activity on your account, the larger the number of people who connect with it.

Make an intensive posting timeline for your youtube channel every month. Try posting at least twice a week, to begin with. If you want your channel to gain popularity you need to have people coming back to it to view your content. Hence, drafting and sticking to a consistent timeline will help you shoot up your subscriber numbers.

Youtube also has algorithms that will give you a higher rank if you post frequently and your account has increased activity. Hence, just keep creating meaningful content at regular intervals.

Youtube Subscribers Schedule Publish


Create interesting playlists to help your videos get recognized

An established youtube marketing technique is creating playlists to get people to watch many of your videos. Playlists impact youtube marketing concerning two SEO ranking attributes i.e. watch time and session watch time.

Watch time determines the amount of time people spend watching your video. If the number is higher, your ranking is better. Now, session watch time is an overall indicator of how far your video impacts the entire viewing session of a person.

The first step is that your playlists should have an eye-catching title that immediately captivates the viewer and defines the purpose of your channel. A best-suited playlist should have the right number of videos, say 5-10 videos, which do not end up being monotonous. You should also constantly review your playlist viewing statistics and remove or rearrange your videos based on it.

Youtube Subscribers playlist

Utilize powerful CTA into your videos

One way to gain more subscribers is by employing subscribe-able call-to-actions that will encourage your viewers to take a return trip back to your channel. The process of inserting CTA’s is extremely easy and you can insert end screens and cards to achieve your goal.

To explain how an end screen works, it is exactly what the name suggests. It is a screen where a call-to-action will appear when your video ends. This can either be a call for subscription, a prompt to your other videos, or publicity of your website and other associated campaigns, all depending on what you wish to promote.

You can also make use of Youtube cards to increase additional interactivity while your video is on. It allows you to point to important URLs that either shows a video or promote your channel in different ways.

Youtube Subscribers CTA

Take multiple steps to promote your channel and videos on other online platforms

It is rightfully valid for you to go all out in promoting your channel and asking for subscribers for the videos you publish. Hence, get crazy with your publicity techniques and talk about your channel in every other media platform you utilize.

Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, you should always share and update about the new videos you release and attach your video link in the bios of your homepage. When relevant issues arise, you can utilize your video links to draw a connection and increase engagement.

If you run a blog along with your channel, never forget to embed the youtube channel links on your blog and call out to people asking for subscribers.

Youtube Subscribers Promote

Create an added incentive for subscribers

An effectively proven way to boost your subscriber numbers is by providing your audience with an incentive, something that will motivate them to comply and subscribe to your channel.

This can be running a cross channel online contest where the basic requirement is to subscribe to your channel, follow your corresponding social media pages, and adhere to basic protocols. The winner can be then mentioned on your accounts later and given some relative gift. You will notice within a span of a few days the activity has shot up big time on your channel and accounts.

One more way to provide an incentive is by doing a subscriber-only giveaway. If you provide additional benefits like a free monthly trial or a free e-book or extended versions of your content only to your subscribers, people will be encouraged to do a minimal act of subscribing to avail the benefits.

Youtube Subscribers incentives


In conclusion

As any Youtuber who has started their journey, you need to establish a successful subscriber base to gain popularity and credibility of your content. It might seem a difficult task to begin with, but you have to constantly work towards creating original content and motivating people to get involved with the same. Once you have a good amount of subscribers you can start earning from your channel Adsense and various other ways.

We hope this article gave you a better perspective and insights on how to achieve more subscribers for your channel.




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