Top 5 Zapier Alternatives to Automate Your Work

Automation is not just for businesses, even we can use automation in our personal lives to make us more productive. We all get the same limited number of hours in a day, yet some people seem to achieve much more than the others. Apart from other things, automation plays a big part in creating this achievement gap. Smart work is all about eliminating repetitive tasks and focusing on those that deserve our attention.

Zapier is an extremely useful service that enables you to connect apps and automate your workflow. This not only saves time but ensures that all aspects of your business are consistently organized, helping you to achieve your goals.

Also, Zapier’s pricing is not affordable for everybody. So, if you have been looking for automation tools other than Zapier that are free or bring other features, we are here for you. Here are the 5 best Zapier alternatives you should use in 2020.

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Best Zapier Alternatives in 2020

1. Integromat


Integromat is known as the glue of the internet because they claim to have the most advanced online automation system. It lets you automate your process which you perform manually and has the capability of transferring and transforming data.

It has simple as well as robust integration with a beautifully crafted editor for easier automation and direct support for various apps and services.


  • Watch how your automation works in real life and how your data flow between different apps and services.
  • It helps you get detailed information about every workflow and allow you to see what data was processed and when it was processed.
  • Simpler and familiar functions similar to Excel functions, to sum up, some values, find out aggregate and percentage, etc.
  • It allows you to choose the starting point to begin processing your data.
  • Built-in routers, error handlers, aggregators and iterators, live execution, execution history, scheduling, templates, and much more.

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Automate-zapier-alternatives is a platform that helps you to integrate your cloud applications and automate your marketing, sales, and business activities. With you can create workflows between many apps in just a few minutes and also one to one integration between different apps. The best thing is that you can try for free.

Moreover, the software has a tremendous list of app integrations to faster the work process.


  • Create one to one integration and multi-app workflows in less time, so you can focus more on your important tasks.
  • Cross-functional workflows with no requirement of any coding for enhancement of increasing more and more sales.
  • User-defined trigger events, business process automation, multiple data resources, Automatic form filling, etc.
  • Drag-drop functionality, automated data sync, configurable actions, and much more to save your time and efforts.
  • Classy list of automated app integrations like Facebook lead ads, Salesforce, Zendesk, WooCommerce, Shopify, etc.

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3. Integrately


Integrately is of the must use application which allows you to manage all your tasks which you can arrange it likewise. It’s easy to install as you just need to set up an integration without

Integrately browser extension which takes less than a minute. As similar to Zapier with the help of Integrately you’ll be able to select 100+ apps so as to integrate it with survey widgets, emails, etc.

In order to get started with Integrately you can always get subscribe to their demo version which is available for free.


  • You get access to 100+ applications which then you can integrate them likewise.
  • You can set up your workflow within a minute, as time consumption is less.
  • Their customer service is so responsive, as you just need to drop a mail then later on they’ll contact you.
  • Various use cases are available for a digital marketer, SaaS founder, product manager, salesperson.
  • You get access to their free demo service which you can use to get an idea about it.

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4. PieSync


PieSync boasts itself as a direct competitor to Zapier, so much so that it has a whole page on its website dedicated to explaining how it is better than Zapier. According to the website, while services like Zapier push data to different apps only one way, PieSync focuses on syncing data between the apps both ways. More than focusing on if this than that functions, PieSync allows your apps to talk to each other by syncing data between then on a real-time basis. This is best for a business that has a team working remotely. All their work will be synced across apps giving everyone access to the data instantly. It is also intelligent enough to find and manage duplicate data points and remove them.


  • With Piesync’s intelligent two-way syncing, you can easily combine data from multiple apps and generate a 360-degree view.
  • Piesync helps you to increase your sales and profits by keeping your data updated and duplicate data for free.
  • Freedom to work with any app which suits your business.
  • It provides scaling and syncing for every business size, so you can add team members at one place and manage your work effectively.
  • Leave everything on Piesync, you’ll get your data and reports up to date, and thereby make faster decisions.

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5. Pabbly Connect

Top 5 Zapier Alternatives to Automate Your Work 2

Pabbly Connect is the all in one platform that allows you to automate all your integrations. With the help of Pabbly, you can create the workflows and share them with the applications as per requirements. It allows you to have your manual control over it.

It just takes less than 5 minutes to actually to Pabbly connect. It’s too easy to configure.


  • One of the versatile and easy to access application out there.
  • You just need to pay them one time so that you can get access lifetime.
  • It’s multi-step calling Features is very useful.
  • Easy to set up your workflows as per need.

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P.S. To get access to all these proven & power-packed features, Pabbly Connect customers are paying $108/year for 12,000 Tasks/Operations per month. Today, you can get the Pabbly Connect lifetime deal in just $79/one-time (2500 Tasks) & use the product forever.

Final Thoughts on Zapier Alternatives

As you can see, there are a wide assortment of Zapier alternatives for you to select from. Choose the solution that best works for your organization or project – one that will not only help reduce the time spent on manual tasks, but that will also help you achieve your business goals.

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