Create Captivating Doodle Videos Using This Next-Gen AI Apps

TLDR: Zen Doodle Apps help you create unlimited videos and unlimited video renders for clients while keeping 100% of the profits. Get Zen Doodle lifetime deal at just $99.99.

Once upon a time, your teacher scolded you for doodling in class. Well, here we are in 2020, and doodling is a valuable skill. Marketers and salespeople use creative, captivating design all the time to turn prospective clients into buyers, and they’re happy to employ designers to do it. Studies show that doodle animation generates up to 9x higher conversions and 2x higher sales over standard talking-head videos. People love animation!

For designers and amateurs alike, there’s one tool that makes doodling scalable and profitable: Zen Doodle Apps. With all of your time in quarantine, you’re probably doodling pretty frequently. With Zen Doodle Apps, you can actually monetize that doodling.

Zen Doodle Apps lets you create unlimited videos and video renders for clients while keeping the profits for yourself. With more than five million royalty-free images and audio files, 300 ready-made templates, and professional voice-overs available, as well as a flexible drag-and-drop video editing canvas, you don’t need to be a professional artist or designer to use Zen Doodle Apps. The user-friendly app allows you to convert any video into a Doodle Video in a few clicks or convert any image into a Doodle Video, while cutting-edge AI photo background removal technology optimizes it automatically for an audience. Zen Doodle Apps offers advanced doodle-style transitions, a built-in color changer, and an image-to-sketch converter so you can use just about any source to create an awesome, interactive doodle.

With so many styles and capabilities to choose from, you just might get addicted to Zen Doodle Apps. And that might just get you paid.

Turn your doodles into something scalable and profitable. Right now, you can get a lifetime deal to Zen Doodle Apps for $99.99, a six-month access for $59.99, or a three-month access for just $29.99.

Prices are subject to change.


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