ZoConvert Review: Best Facebook Messenger Marketing Platform

The run-for-the-money that ChatBots have given to the traditional online marketers over the last year has surely made everyone in the food chain put in efforts to be ahead of the learning curve.

Being in the industry, one has to learn and adapt just to make it through the week; especially when new ChatBots features and complicated dashboards are being released regularly.

So, today, in this piece, we will be discussing the ChatBot that may suit your requirements as a digital marketer or otherwise – after all, who doesn’t need a little Chatty Bot that can do everything, right?

Last year, when the craze of ChatBots changed gears, the functions available were minimal. Although those features didn’t cut it completely, there was substantially less confusion. Now the platforms have advanced – new features, automated messaging, complex codes, complicated dashboards, and what-not and hence, the increased confusion about ChatBots.

ZoConvert Review: Best Facebook Messenger Marketing Platform 2

So, Which Messenger Bot Builder is the Best for the Online Marketers?

In the sea of ChatBot development platforms, one name that has successfully given the online marketers the simplest, yet the most advanced and feature-filled Chatbots is ZoConvert.

You do not have to wonder what goes where and how to get a certain widget setup on your website, even if you are new to ChatBots. ZoConvert manages to lend you a hand and plenty of support wheels, so to speak, until you are fully prepared to take control of your own highly flexible and customized ChatBot creation.

Created for Online Marketers by Online Marketers

So, unlike other ChatBot development platforms, ZoConvert comes with a sense of comfort. It is fast, flexible, easy to understand and doesn’t ask you to be a genius at coding – you can know as little as a koala would about coding and yet you can create one beast of a ChatBot within minutes.

Let’s Dive In – The ZoConvert Review

As it should be, ZoConvert keeps it simple from the start. The Setting-Up Step is the easiest among all the platforms we have used in the last year. It allows the user to be as complacent as possible.

You just have to sign-up using your Facebook account [the one which has all the permissions to manage the pages on Facebook] and ZoConvert will let you connect with your page.

ZoConvert Review: Best Facebook Messenger Marketing Platform 3

What You Get?

One thing that ZoConvert does better than anyone out in the ChatBot market is busting the myth of a complex system being advanced than a streamlined basic system. This statement stands strong in some scenarios, yes, but for ZoConvert, Simple takes you through.

For Online Marketers who are looking to start with something that can cater to all their detailed needs, ZoConvert is the best option. Here are the features you get:

  • Personal Dashboard
  • Broadcast
  • Audience Builder
    • Custom popups to get subscribers
    • Easy to set up FB CHAT PLUGIN
    • Auto personal msgs to people who comment on FB posts
    • Landing pages
  • Automation of Broadcasts, Messages, Conversations, etc.
  • Flow Creator
  • Full Code Documentation for user’s Website


All these features are a handful if you ask me. Especially when you think that you are getting all of this just by creating an account for free through Facebook. You have to pay once you have more than 500 Subscribers on your ChatBot.

Plus, you get customer support that can take you through all the confusion unscathed. One hell of a deal.

ZoConvert Verdict

ZoConvert works well for Online Marketers and Social Media Enthusiasts who do not want to waste time with all the coding and do not have the finances to run around the bush with all the make-from-the-scratch ragbag and miscellany.

Users get everything they want and more ready-to-go and with the involvement of Documentation and Flow Builders, they can customize their Facebook Messenger ChatBot however they want to.

So, to conclude, Yes, ZoConvert is the best Messenger Bot Builder for Online Marketers. The future looks bright for the people behind the brand and those who are associated. Go for it.

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zoconvert review

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