ZoConvert vs Botletter: Facebook Messenger Marketing Tool Comparison

In the last few years, ZoConvert has emerged as the go-to messenger marketing tool for professional bloggers & marketers. Some of the most prominent bloggers have made the switch from Botletter or other popular tools to ZoConvert.

But what is so special about ZoConvert that made these bloggers and marketers switch from their trusted messenger marketing platform?

ZoConvert seems to do most things right in a quick and efficient manner. But there are still a few areas where Botletter has an edge over newer services like ZoConvert.

Both these platform provides a Chatbot for conversational marketing. It facilitates with highly personalized conversations to increase awareness. It also tends to improve the lead quality and drives sales significantly.

Both the platforms don’t require any type of coding whatsoever. Which means any person from any field can build a messenger bot. (yay!)

But the million dollar question is that what platform you should use. Which platform has an advantage over the other? So to decide between Zoconvert and Botletter, We came up with few parameters and criteria to understand what the platforms are offering under the table.

However, the goal of this article is not to pick “the winner”.

The main purpose is to highlight features, pros, cons, and compare the differences between Zoconvert and Botletter – to help you pick the platform that works best for your business.

ZoConvert vs Botletter: 10 Reasons Why ZoConvert is Better

  • Highly customizable pop-ups for the website. Do not restrict your audience to Facebook. Convert the traffic coming on the website to the Facebook subscriber and send personalized notifications.
  • Awesome tool for lead generation. Collect email, phone number, location using quick replies (the user will not need to type in their details, zoconvert picks it automatically).
  • COMMENT TOOL – audience commenting on Facebook posts can be converted into subscribers easily using zoconvert
  • Easy to set up cart recovery (for e-commerce) and other custom triggers (for all types of business).
  • User-friendly, easy to create welcome messages, main menu, default messages (learn more about this in our in-depth ZoConvert review).
  • Easy to create chat flows & also you can use landing pages to promote your bot.
  • Easy to let your user subscribe and unsubscribe from the marketing messages
  • Easy to use placeholders for usernames, page name, and other data
  • You can see the data of your subscribers like name, photo, email, location
  • Support 24×7 and highly responsive.


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ZoConvert vs Botletter: 10 Reasons Why Botletter is Better

  • Pay as you go. First 1000 are free. No monthly subscription but $ 0.006 per message.
  • In premium service, there are some unique features like removal of botletter branding. Unique drip campaign per segment. And unique opt-in per segment.
  • Easy to set up on your website.
  • A simple solution for outreach on Facebook Messenger. Send updates and drip campaigns to your audience.
  • Botletter’s users already sent 500,000+ messages with an 80% average open-rate.
  • You can manage an unlimited number of pages with one single Botletter account.
  • Invite your team members to manage your Botletter account.
  • You can easily create bot templates to reuse for multiple projects.
  • You can use name variables in your messages to personalize your campaign and drive more engagement.
  • Last but not least, we will get access to all the data to measure the impact on your business: the list of your subscribers, who opened your Botletter and how many times they clicked on it.


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Conclusion: ZoConvert vs Botletter

By now, you probably know about the strengths and weaknesses of both these facebook messenger marketing platforms. If you value customer service, a better overall reputation, and price, you should go with Botletter. You’d presumably have to compromise on a design of bot templates. On the other hand, if you prioritize ease of use, advanced automation options, and a cleaner interface, then opt for ZoConvert.

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ZoConvert vs Botletter

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