ZoConvert vs MobileMonkey: Messenger Marketing Tool

ZoConvert vs MobileMonkey: Messenger Marketing Tool Comparison (2018)

You shouldn’t be astounded to realize that there are in excess of 2 billion month to month dynamic clients on Facebook. It is really over 12% expansion year over year. Since the greater part of them additionally utilize the delegate application, the Facebook detachment chatbot has before long turned out to be one of the essential advertising channels for a large portion of the organizations.

The normal rate of messages through messenger go all up to 70-80% with Facebook delivery person communicates. While messages are as yet the greatest advertising resource for an organization, the moment results and higher change rates of delivery person bots make it the must-have showcasing channel for the present and what’s to come.

Today We will discuss two such tools that are created with an intention to make your entrance into the envoy showcasing world smooth and simple.

Basic similarities between ZoConvert and MobileMonkey

Both are adequate to have facebook messenger bot to enhance your business credibility. You can trust to have a wide platform for increasing traffic at your place. Both make the use of chatbot to increase the subscribers and new users for business productivity.

Which one to choose?

The basic aim of this article is not to come up with a one being at a high position and other at the lower one. Here we are going to analyze the detail aspects of using both platforms. Rest you can evaluate yourself as if which one suits best for your business model.

Basic standards to analyze both

  • Free Plan & Pricing: We will here analyze the cost of using both products and subsequent any hidden charges.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Is it easy for users to interpret the content and using the bot feature?
  • Broadcast: Is the tool friendly about broadcast to the segment of visitors?
  • Bot Elements: Are you able to send videos, attachments, galleries, and any other content that are depicted on the Messenger area?
  • Marketing Tools: Is there an inbuilt tool for promotions and marketing?
  • Reporting Analytics: Is the tool able to report the statistics related to the things already sent, opened messages?
  • Integrations: Is it able to integrate the data from other tools and software like MailChimp, Zapier, or Webhooks?

Below information will surely make you satisfied at last which tool to choose.

ZoConvert allows the companies to increase their subscribers on their Facebook Messenger, send updates via Facebook Messenger to their audience. It is quite similar to the service of MailChimp, according to new updates we are using emails as well as Facebook Messenger.

One can connect our technology to your facebook page, without any coding. With its help, people can subscribe for the latest updates by using Messenger and directly from your website. You can now send them messages whenever you want with rich cards.

To measure the impact on your business, you will get access to all the data. Along with this, you will get the list of the subscribers, and you will get to know that who opened your broadcast and how many times user click on it.

On the other hand if we talk about, the MobileMonkey provides a platform that makes chatbots easy, but eventually, it is marketing manna. It is a platform for Marketers to manage, create and promote their brands with Facebook based AI Chatbots. It is founded by Larry Kim, one of the most popular authors on Medium and the founder of WordStream. The unique part about the MobileMonkey is that it enables users to build a fully-functioning chatbot for the Facebook messenger without any coding knowledge.

ZoConvert Review – Best AI Platform for Building Powerful Messenger Bot

ZoConvert Review

From the last years, ZoConvert has come up with the go-to messenger marketing tool for professional bloggers, marketers and small business owners. Some of the most well-known bloggers have made the switch from the popular tools to ZoConvert.

This is the tool which works so efficiently and quickly that it becomes the choices of many bloggers. However, it helps to increase awareness as it facilitates highly personalized conversations. It provides a comfortable platform for the new users; ZoConvert manages to lend you a hand and plenty of support wheels.

1. Free Plan and Pricing

zoconvert pricing

The subscription cost in ZoConvert depends upon the number of subscribers. If the subscribers are up to 100, it is free of charge. If it is up to 500, the cost is $19, then you get access to all the features, and ZoConvert branding automatically will remove from the menu.

2. User-Friendly Interface

UI of ZoConvert

ZoConvert does not consume your time to get installed and very easy to handle, and even you are not much known about coding. Also, the user interface is easy to follow and understand.

3. Broadcast

zoconvert broadcast

You can do promotions by sending broadcasts to filtered users. You can also send the sequence of campaigns messages to your users as per the interval of days decided.

4. Bot Elements

By using ZoConvert, you can send the different form of contents. Some examples are Delays, Images, Video, Audio, Attachments, Quick Replies, Call Button, List, and Persistent Menu.

5. Marketing Tools

There is more than 5 customized audience builder widget available like a slide-in popup, custom modal pop-up, landing page, customer chat plugin, facebook comment tools, subscription checkbox, and me.me links/URL tool.

6. Reporting Analytics

This feature is awe-inspiring for those who want to capture little moment and action. Report statistics are available for broadcast, sequences, buttons, and menu. You can also maintain the record for users, subscribers and unsubscribe people.

7. Integrations

It can connect your bot with other tools and software such as MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Webhook, and Zapier. [Watch the tutorial here]

ZoConvert Pricing

  • Free Plan – 100 Subscribers
  • Small Plan – $19/1,000 Subscribers
  • Plus Plan – $49/5,000 Subscribers
  • Professional Plan – $99/20,000 Subscribers
  • Enterprise Plan – Need more? Connect ZoConvert

ZoConvert Verdict

It works effectively for Online Marketers and Social Media Enthusiasts those who do not want to waste time for all the coding and have the finances problem to run around the bush with all the make-from-the-scratch ragbag and miscellany.

The best part about ZoConvert is that users get everything what exactly they expect and in fact, they are ready-to-go and with the full involvement of Documentation and Flow Builders. Moreover, they can customize their Facebook Messenger Bot in the way they want to do.

ZoConvert is created for online marketers, entrepreneurs, and companies by Atyab Mohammad and his Team in 2017. So, unlike other ChatBot development platforms, it comes with a sense of comfort. It is flexible, fast, and easy to understand. It provides us coding fewer platforms.

Create your bot for Free with ZoConvert

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MobileMonkey Review – World’s Best Messenger Marketing Platform

It makes Facebook Marketing Fun and Easy!

It is a great Messenger bot platform for companies and entrepreneurs. Those who are wanting to get onboard the world of Chatbots, it is one the best choice then. With exclusive features as compared to the market leaders like ManyChat and Chatfuel, MobileMonkey can only get better.

One of the best parts about both platforms is that they both don’t need any coding whatsoever. It implies that any person belongs to any field can build a messenger bot.

1. Free Plan and Pricing

The subscription cost in MobileMonkey depends upon personal, professional and team plan. If you choose a personal plan then, it is free of charge with boundation of some features. If you choose professional plan then, the cost is $49/month, upto 5000 subscribers and you can access all the features. If you choose team plan then, the cost is $149/month, upto 25,000 subscribers and you can access all the features,  and MobileMonkey branding automatically will remove from the menu.

2. User-Friendly Interface

MobileMonkey has a very clean, modernized user interface. Also, the user interface is easy to follow and understand.

3. Broadcast

MobileMonkey has the capability to send a broadcast. Talking about the broadcast, it sends messages or content to all targeted and filtered group of users. It also by default sends a range of textual notes for any visitor or customer who agreed with your campaigns.

4. Bot Elements

mobilemonkey - bot elements

By using MobileMonkey, you can send the different form of contents. Some examples are Images, Gif, Video, Audio, Attachments, Form, Quick Replies, Navigate, Built-in Emoji Keyboard, Galleries, List and Menu.

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5. Marketing Tools

There is more than 5 customized audience builder widget available like landing pages, scan codes, fb comment guard, messenger ads, and HTML Elements – Customer chat widget, Link to messenger, Checkbox and messenger plugin.

6. Reporting Analytics

This user-friendly platform understands the behavior of customers and collects data about them. You can maintain the record for users, subscribers and unsubscribe people.

7. Integrations

Connecting your MobileMonkey Contacts to other systems is super easy. You can connect your bot with other tools and software such as email marketing, Webhook, and Zapier. [Watch the tutorial here]

MobileMonkey Pricing

  • Personal plan – FREE
  • Professional Plan – $49/MO
  • Team Plan – $149/MO


It is difficult to compare Bots. As most of the scripted bots present come with different features, execution and user interface. Some even name similar features differently, which adds to the confusion.

Moreover, in the ample of Facebook groups, different people are championing different chatbots, presumably because they have invested time and money in these bots.

Create your bot for Free with MobileMonkey

ZoConvert Vs MobileMonkey – Features Comparison Chart

This comparison table gives the clear idea about the ZoConvert and MobileMonkey. The table shows the basic features of both the messenger bots.


Image Source: zoconvert.com


Chatbots that discussed may suit your requirements as a digital marketer or otherwise. Both are best its places. It depends on the user’s requirement that what they expected from these both platforms.

When the trend of Chatbots changed gears, the functions available were reducing. Nowadays the platforms become more advanced as it keeps on adding new features, automated messaging, complex codes, complicated dashboards, and what-not and hence, the increased confusion about Chatbots. So by keeping in mind the requirements, it will be easier for the user to select according to the personal choice.


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