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9 Best Business Chat Apps to Perfect cross-border Team Communication

With so many business chat apps available at finger tips, business productivity should be at an all time high right? However, if a recent report of Project Management Institute is to be relied, at least 60% of projects all around the world have schedule and cost overruns as a result of poor communication.

What happened to e-mails and meetings? Truth be told, emails have long lived their welcome stay? They are too many in number (Radicati Group estimates 40+ in a day), difficult to keep track of and do not achieve bilateral communication. At least 50% of meetings are considered to be waste of time.

It is here that a business chat app can prove to be handy as an a complete communication package the cuts across the barriers of devices, remote connectivity and 360-degree communication across distances.

Is your business yearning for a business chat application? We just happened to stumble across this list of best chat tools that can perfect your internal communication (and productivity woes too!).

Contus Fly


Contus Fly is a perfect partner to engineer a complete workplace chat app that can take away the difficulties of mismanaged and broken communication lines in a formal environment. It is a readymade solution which can be readily deployed, before incorporating customizations, if any.


  • Group chat
  • Geolocation sharing
  • Sync & Store
  • Social integrations
  • Push notifications
  • Multimedia sharing
  • Screen sharing
  • Fully searchable
  • Online presence indicators


office communication app

Slack is a sophisticated team chat app that helps teams across several functions to connect together through direct messages and private channels.


  • Fully searchable
  • All device compatibility
  • Sync & store
  • Channel communication
  • File sharing
  • 3rd party tools integration


team communication app

Flock is one of the best business chat app that can connect diverse teams seamlessly under a single chat window. Virtual meetings, file sharing, issue handling, etc. is a cake walk with Flock.


  • Screen sharing
  • Conduct polls
  • Reminders and alerts
  • Document collaboration
  • Task management
  • Search history
  • 3rd party app integration

Team Chat

team communication app

Team chat is a team communication app exclusively intended for tech professionals. The app solution enables users to create their own stream of chatlets, chat bots and multi-channel instant messaging.


  • Chatlets for managing poll results, capturing data, workflow approval, etc.
  • Bots: buy/rent bot, bot to bot interaction, bot building, etc.
  • App: any device, any size, any browser, all-corner connectivity
  • Multi-channel: chatlet support across Facebook, Twitter, Skype, etc.

Office Chat

chat app for teams

As the name suggests, Office Chat is a business communication app for office teams with real-time notifications, online presence indicators and several other communication inducing features.


  • Hyper real time chats
  • Delivery confirmations
  • All platform compatibility
  • File sharing
  • Desktop & mobile versions
  • Custom presence indicators


team chat app

Hipchat is a top downloaded chat app for business teams. It is decked with numerous features that help businesses to manage and maintain their workflow without losing momentum to failing communication.


  • Fully searchable
  • Video chat
  • Screen sharing
  • All OS compatibility
  • Remote connectivity
  • 3rd party integrations


business messaging app

Campfire is a perfect team collaboration app that enables real-time communication with several add-on features. It takes team collaboration to the next level with several instant messaging features.


  • Exclusive to iPhone
  • Web-based application
  • Conference calling
  • Historical transcripts
  • Several sponsored add-ons

Chat work

business communication app

Chatwork is a chat app for team collaboration that aims at improving productivity by removing the clutter in other modes of communication.


  • Team, task and department collaboration
  • Task management
  • User management
  • Contact management
  • File sharing
  • Video chat


chat app for business

Redbooth is a fully integrated team chat app that facilitates one-on-one or team communication through a single chat interface.


  • Real-time notifications
  • Embedded work context
  • Option to host locally
  • Task reference in chat
  • Customizable user avatars
  • Mute or custom chat settings

Team chat apps are awesome tools that can bring together team members from across continents under a single chat window for seamless communication. Which of these chat tools will be your pick for maximizing office productivity?

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