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Marketing Automation Tools Business Digital Marketing 

Top 5 Marketing Automation Tools for your Small Business

Small business owners very well know that they have limited resources and the only way to keep the company running on a tight budget is to wear many hats simultaneously. From managing finances to dealing with customers and also overlooking production, marketing, and delivery, they manage to do it all; no wonder, so many novice entrepreneurs complain of exhaustion. Unfortunately, business owners have only 24 hours in a day, and it’s quite impossible to cram every minute task in this span of time. Luckily, there are tools available that can…

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Business Process Automation Business 

Business Process Automation: Your Map to Better Productivity and Profit

What is business process automation, and how can it help your business? If you scoured the internet, you’d run across dozens of articles singing the praises of BPA. What they don’t necessarily tell you is what it is and how you can implement it in your existing company. There’s a reason for that; business process automation should be individualized to fit your own specific industry and needs. It’s difficult to find a one-size-fits-all resource, as it covers a wide number of processes. Breaking down the basics: Defining business process automation In…

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Business Analyst vs Business Analytics Business 

Business Analyst vs Business Analytics Professional: What’s the Difference?

A business analyst and a business analytics professional are not the same. Very often, people get confused about these 2 terms. Many times, they are used interchangeably. Few start-ups and organizations also seek out a business analyst when they are actually in search of a business analytics professional. There is a chance of analytics enthusiasts who are searching for a job in business analytics getting confused. So, it would be better if the difference between a business analyst and a business analytics professional is well-known. Who is a business analyst?…

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Big Data Big Data Business Technology 

What Big Data Can Do For Small Businesses?

Without any doubt, Big Data is being considered to be the most disruptive factor active in the business markets in recent times. While a common perception prevailing among business owners and managers worldwide is that Big Data may be used to enhance the business operations and prospects of big scale business enterprises alone, the fact remains that reality is way far from it. As a matter of fact, small and medium business enterprises are not only able to benefit from adopting Big Data, in some ways, they stand better chances…

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E-commerce Tips for Beginners Ecommerce 

Top 5 E-commerce Tips for Beginners

While statistics may be capable of revealing a lot about a certain industry, they are often just the tip of the iceberg. For instance, while it is true that 51 percent of Americans prefer to shop online and that 67 percent of millennials prefer e-commerce websites to actual stores, this does not mean that an e-commerce is a fail-proof business idea. Although lucrative, e-commerce is just like any other line of work, and in order to succeed, you need a proper game-plan, solid logistics, and enough endurance to see it…

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Skyrocket of your business Business 

How Gratitude Can Skyrocket Your Business

Businesses value loyalty the most. Customer loyalty creates brands and brings steady income that can be used for further company development. Still, customer loyalty is a two-way process. It requires lots of gratitude from the business itself. Unfortunately, many companies have lost their gratitude momentum, while growing their business operations. Losing gratitude for your customers in most cases leads to tough PR disasters and a fast business decline. In this article, we’ll explain why gratitude is so important for keeping your customers loyal and your business healthy and smooth. Reciprocal…

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startup checklist Business Startups 

The Complete Startup Checklist: A Must For Quick Success

Having a bright idea is reason enough to start your own business. Many people dream of having their own big, successful company, but it’s important to begin with baby steps. This means launching a startup and build up from there. Although your startup idea may be really good, success is never guaranteed. Commonly, 70-80% of startups fail to see the project return on investment. These statistics shouldn’t put you off turning your idea into a profitable reality. Here is a complete startup checklist of the things you need to do…

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User Engagement AppDev Business 

How to Measure User Engagement through Mobile App Analytics

Why does the user experience necessary for a mobile app? Well, the Statista report has an answer:  the number of mobile app buyers in the US is expected to cross 85 million by the year 2018. If you find this picture rosy, then another survey has revealed that about 25 percent of downloaded apps are not used more than once. Here, user engagement comes into the picture. Engaging user experience is essential as companies strive for establishing a mobile presence through customized enterprise mobile apps. Here we are going to discuss…

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Android and iPhone Apps Apps Business 

Take a Look at Android and iPhone Apps to Make Professional Life Easy

Running a business involves wearing a lot of hats and to make your life a bit easy, have a look at some amazing Android and iPhone apps. If you are an entrepreneur and your business does not have a well-developed app, then it is high time to get one. This is because smartphone applications play a pivotal role in doing things in an effective manner. Whether you are looking forward to keep a track of an upcoming business trip or looking forward to share notes with colleagues, then apps can…

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Startups Business Startups 

Adding Fuel to Your Startups for Ensuring Success

If we describe the startup experience in terms of the words of the famous tech companies, like Facebook, Netflix and Slack and for that matter even LinkedIn network, it is all about arranging for some funding and opening up an office. But, in reality the task of starting a startup is not that easy an experience. It is quite difficult to sustain a life in a startup. But, you must be wanting your business to achieve a long-term goal and profitability. You simply cannot run your startups, only on the…

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