Build Academies for Training, Customer Onboarding with Acadle Learning Management System

TLDR: Acadle is a SaaS white-labeled academy builder, for enterprises to automate customer and employee onboarding. Get Acadle lifetime deal at just $49.99.

Many entrepreneurs, marketers, and bloggers have knowledge and expertise to share with the world. That’s why so many build their own academies or host webinars to share their knowledge and gain a little extra income. But running an entire academy can soon become another job in and of itself and become more of a stressful headache than a meaningful source of income.

Acadle changes that. Acadle is a comprehensive learning management software designed to let you build online academies for any purpose. Whether you’re trying to launch an e-learning empire or you just need help explaining your product to customers or training new hires, Acadle has you covered.

Acadle lets you create unlimited courses and lessons and embed your academy within your applications so you can provide a unique onboarding experience to customers, turn new employees into effective team members faster, educate the masses, and much more.

Customer onboarding tools integrate with Loom, YouTube, and more and come with an onboarding widget to simplify the process. Plus, you can collaborate with customers in real-time if they’re having trouble understanding anything. With employee training tools, you can live stream video and offer assessments to make sure your employees understand everything they need to in order to do their jobs effectively. With inbound marketing tools, you can generate leads, make your academies public, survey and upsell customers, and more.

Plus, you can communicate via your favorite channels and stream data from your favorite tools so Acadle only adds to your processes rather than detracts.

Donald Chan, Founder of IMPACT and MarTech Wise says, “When it comes to offering high-value content for lead generation, nothing comes close to offering a course. Offering a course using the Acadle platform establishes your authority and keeps your prospect in your sphere of influence.”

Make sure everybody has the same knowledge or grow your e-learning empire. Right now, you can get a lifetime deal to Acadle for just $49.99.

Prices are subject to change.

Acadle Lifetime Deal

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