Top 10 Apps For New Entrepreneurs, Still at Black Friday Pricing

New technologies can make life easier for entrepreneurs, especially the new ones who are really trying to grow their businesses exponentially. But enterprise technology isn’t always affordable. Therefore, we’ve rounded up 10 most useful apps on the market that are still available at Black Friday prices. These are the final hours of these sales, though, so get on them now. Just use code BFSAVE40 to score an extra 40% off.

1. SocialBot by ZapApps: Lifetime Subscription

Do more on social media with less. SocialBot handles all of your social media marketing tasks on Facebook automatically. It can auto-reply to messages, auto-comment, work with customers, and much more, making your life easier.

Get the SocialBot by ZapApps: Lifetime Subscription for $17.40 (Reg. $1,740) with promo code BFSAVE40.

2. StartMail Private Email Service: 1-Yr Subscription

Privacy is paramount for every business. Unfortunately, not all email service providers give you the kind of security you need. StartMail Private Email Service integrates with your existing email provider to provide aliases, privatize your email, and more.

Get the StartMail Private Email Service: 1-Yr Subscription for $18 (Reg. $59) with promo code BFSAVE40.

3. VSDC Video Editor Pro: Lifetime License

Want to upgrade your marketing materials with some high-octane video? VSDC Video Editor Pro is the only video editor recommended by GoPro because its accelerated, non-linear hardware lets you edit several files simultaneously and export videos fast. It’ll save you loads of time and give you an essential editing toolset.

Get the VSDC Video Editor Pro: Lifetime License for $18 (Reg. $49) with promo code BFSAVE40.

4. L-Card Pro Digital Business Card App: Lifetime Subscription

Making contacts is an important part of business, but who wants to carry a bunch of business cards around? L-Card is the most advanced electronic business card management app on the market. It has award-winning OCR card scanning for quick input to your device, smart email signatures, analytics, and much more. That’s why it was recognized as one of the top 3 Emerging Mobile Apps for Business at the Global Mobile App Summit & Awards.

Get the L-Card Pro Digital Business Card App: Lifetime Subscription for $23.40 (Reg. $58) with promo code BFSAVE40.

5. DigiClash Digital Assets: Lifetime Subscription

DigiCash is a one-stop-shop for all of your design needs. This extensive library has thousands of digital assets, from royalty-free fonts and graphics to PowerPoint and Google Slide templates, website themes, and much more. It can save you thousands in the long run.

Get the DigiClash Digital Assets: Lifetime Subscription for $30 (Reg. $999) with promo code BFSAVE40.

6. Online Business Management Platform From Taskeo

Taskeo brings you everything you need to run your business in a single piece of software. This complete suite has client management, project management, time tracking and billing, an appointment scheduler, and email marketing tools to help manage your business. Why hire somebody when you can do it all yourself?

Get the Online Business Management Platform From Taskeo for $30 (Reg. $119) with promo code BFSAVE40.

7. Bouncer Bulk Email Verification: Email Verifications

Every entrepreneur needs an email list. But a list with thousands of email addresses isn’t any good if half of those email addresses bounce back. With the bulk email verification system, you can audit your list to clean out duplicates, old addresses, and more to ensure your list’s integrity.

Get the Bouncer Bulk Email Verification: Email Verifications for $30 (Reg. $100) with promo code BFSAVE40.

8. Edraw Project Software

Some people are more visual than others. If that’s you, you probably don’t respond as well to ordinary task managers. Edraw Project, on the other hand, lets you draw out Gantt charts so you can clearly see the outline of a project and actively track its progress.

Get the Edraw Project Software for $54 (Reg. $179) with promo code BFSAVE40.

9. PicaStock Premium Fonts & Graphics: Lifetime Subscription

Give your marketing materials a boost with unlimited access to PicaStock. This marketplace offers fonts, graphics, illustrations, logos, and print templates, all available for commercial use to upgrade your marketing assets. They cover a wide breadth of categories and come in a variety of formats to work with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and more.

Get the PicaStock Premium Fonts & Graphics: Lifetime Subscription for $59.40 (Reg. $499) with promo code BFSAVE40.

10. telbee Voice Messenger Service: Lifetime Subscription

Customer feedback is essential for a new entrepreneur. It helps you grow! But not all customers want to take the time to sit on hold or write a lengthy email to provide feedback. With telbee, all they’ll have to do is record a voice message that you can listen to and respond to at your earliest convenience.

Get the telbee Voice Messenger Service: Lifetime Subscription for $78 (Reg. $1,080) with promo code BFSAVE40.

Prices subject to change.

Apps For New Entrepreneurs at Black Friday Pricing

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