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Setting Up An E-Commerce Store – What You Should Know

Having an E-Commerce website can bring you some steady extra income each month, because the E-Commerce sales are on the rise on a global level. Thousands of people are doing it every day, so why not get your piece of the cake? Internet shopping cannot be considered a trend no more, because it has become a normal way of purchasing goods for those who have an access to the Web. According to eMarketer, the global retail sales will increase to reach $28 trillion by 2018. Setting up an E-Commerce store…

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Blogging Blogging 

How To Earn Money From Blogging

According to a survey of 1,000 bloggers by, conducted in 2012, 81% of bloggers never make even $100 from blogging, while only 17% of them are able to support their family or sustain their lifestyle with their blogs. The remaining 2% make more than $150K by blogging less than 2 hours a day. When it comes to professional blogging, there are two main approaches to it: a) Start your own blog from scratch b) Be an employed blogger for an established site or company or a freelancer. The second…

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