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Interesting Tech Startups to be Watch Out in 2017

2017 will see the usage of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for taking the tech landscape by storm, as more and startups will  be based on these emerging technologies. There will be other tech startups in 2017 based on bots, on-demand services and virtual reality.

On exploring the internet what was gathered was a list of some of the interesting Tech Startups in 2017:


When you start furnishing your house, a series of questions crops up in your mind, and you need to visualize it as you plan ahead. This is where Modsy comes into picture. Modsy will be able to capture photos for your room and insert items into them, which appears in 3D form. The app is all about a less expensive option for you than hiring a interior designer to serve the same purpose. It has so far shown tremendous growth and 2017 should be a good year for it.



Gametime is the fastest growing ticketing company to reach $ 50 million in gross sales. It offers an extremely easy experience, whatever is the purpose sharing tickets or selling tickets, by simply taking pictures. The app allows to obtain tickets in the last-minute for entertainment and live sports.


Lola was founded by Paul English, also the co-founder of Kayak and is a Boston based company. The future belongs to AI and more reliance on AI based chatbots for answering all of your queries for the travel domain. This chat app is for connecting the travellers to travel consultants and taking care of all their holiday planning, on behalf of the customers. The consultants will be part AI and part staff. Lola will provide on-demand service for the customers. It is yet to be launched and will appear in the App Store in 2017.

The Skimm

The company was floated by two of the former journalists. This app is a morning newsletter that summarizes the world news in simple-to-read headlines or even a blurb. It has captured the market of the millennials with a customer base over $ 4 millions. It presents the news embedded with a clever tone.


This is the world’s first commercial drone service. It was started in Rwanda, where poor healthcare infrastructure and bad conditions of roads are responsible for making it difficult to reach out to the patients. The app helps to deliver medical supplies that can save lives. They will definitely be leading in 2017.


Affectiva  is a Massachusetts based company which was floated in 2009. It reads and then analyzes the facial expression of the user and understand what is the best to content that need to address them. We always expect a lot from Affectiva as some of the earliest adopters for the apps are the likes of Mars, Kellogg’s and Unilever.


A startup that is based on student loan financing. It has an altogether new rule. It makes student loan financing a much easier experience. They have extended their services to other areas of insurance and home mortgages. They have applied data science. They take extra care to alleviate financial issues for their customers. They ensure the most seamless of services, getting the customers at key inflection point and is bound to be the one of the most successful among the tech startups in 2017.


The app is about instantly making music videos, which are easy too. It is perfect for churning out the next generation musicians and stars. In 2014, it has appeared a number 1 position  in the App Store for iOS based apps. It is capable of uploading more than 1 million music videos. It has a total of 130 million registered users and 40 million of them are active. It is of those startups, definitely likely to attain success in 2017.

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