How to Use Facebook Messenger Bot for Lead Generation

Start generating leads with your Facebook audience using Messenger Bots!

Are you using a Facebook Messenger bot to talk with the users? And want to know how to generate leads using messenger bot?

Read this article now, you will learn how to automate the capture of leads using messenger bot and other information.

Let’s start,

What is Facebook Messenger?

In August of 2011, Facebook published an instant messaging service to help people communicate in a better manner. This messaging app has various features besides the conventional text messaging, unlike other existent messaging apps. The best part about this app is that you don’t necessarily need to be on Facebook’s website or even have an active account in order to use Facebook messenger. A user can just login at or by opening it from the mobile app after downloading the app on Android or iOS, which makes it easy to use and understand effortlessly.

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a utility that is established with the help of rules or artificial intelligence. It is used for communication through messenger applications.

How is a chatbot helpful in Digital Marketing?

The usage of messenger apps has increased rapidly as the need for communication has risen for people worldwide. It is predicted that by the year 2019, 2.19 billion people will be using messenger apps. That is one of the crucial reasons why chatbots are essential tools when it comes to your digital marketing approach. According to BI intelligence, most people invest their time in messenger apps than social media apps. To be able to sell online, you most definitely should have an existent online audience, and since most of them are involved in messaging apps, that’s your place to go!

The Advancement in Communication

Back in the good old days, a simple SMS or a textual email were conventional methods to digital marketing. As technology upgrades to new advancements each day, conventional methods are obviously not convenient to market your business. How about a method that is smart-phone friendly? Well, instant, easy-going and convenient methods are right at the reach of your fingertips! That’s where messaging apps come into the picture. On popular demand and easy access, users show that nothing can be more comfortable to use. That’s where Facebook messenger comes into the picture. Recent reports clearly show how messenger is growing rapidly. Why? Then, scroll on further to find out!

Messenger apps show lesser interference than Email

  1. Rather than sending content through email, your content can be sent directly on to a user’s mobile chat application. Recent records show that people are more comfortable with content delivered to their Facebook Messenger app rather than their email. With a large percent of the audience being present on the app, the content has the capacity to reach a wider audience as well as being delivered easily. Escaping from all those email tabs that makes you anxious, could never feel so good!
  2. Emails are not risk-free from spam and virus-infected emails. You never know what damage a click can cause by just opening an email. Such hazards are not filtered because of the standard security measures of basic email.
  3. Reading long or heavy textual content emails on your phone doesn’t look pretty. Not all emails are formatted to fit your screen, so things get messy and disproportional. On the other hand, Messenger apps like Facebook messenger do not entertain such friction and users are absolutely comfortable using them. Since the text received in messenger apps come in a standard format to read, and also since they come in small portions of texts, it’s very easy to understand and comprehend.

Marketer-friendly when compared to basic SMS

For active marketers, SMS’s aren’t a good idea to consider as a method for marketing their business.

  1. An SMS list can be long and very hard to track. As limitations in the text (based on the service provider of the marketer) can lead to broken text messages and disproportionate marketing, hence losing the interest of the user.
  2. Media content is also very unclear and messy when it comes to SMS methods. In case you wanted to send a video or a picture to market your business better, the conventional SMS method can ruin the content you’re sending and not convey the message you’re trying to send to a user. Making it a very uncomfortable platform.
  3. SMS methods can be expensive. As each text message costs money, long chain messages which are broken in between can cause multiple texts to be sent, that burn your pockets bigtime! Messenger apps, on the other hand, do not charge for each text being sent. With wider boundaries for text limit, messenger apps send almost as much textual content as you like without spending money.

More Interactive than the others

When compared to conventional advertising methods, messaging apps tend to be more personal, and much more interactive. Messenger apps make the tables turn away from standard one-way communicative environments such as TV, Radio, Email, Flyers etc., as you can personalize advertisements to your heart’s content. Making it creative in your style. Also, with the help of Facebook messenger campaigns, you can offer timely customer service to your clients, and satisfy their needs on time. When people contact you through the Facebook messenger, it takes seconds to receive and analyze.

Your Sales Funnel and Messenger

How to Use Facebook Messenger Bot for Lead Generation 24

Messenger is not your only communication channel

Messenger and your email list

How to Use Facebook Messenger Bot for Lead Generation 25

Offer your email subscribers the option to receive their newsletter in Messenger. Once subscribed, these users can be retargeted and sent promotional messages in the future.

Messenger and your company page

How to Use Facebook Messenger Bot for Lead Generation 26

Increase your Facebook fans and Messenger subscribers using Facebook Send-to-Messenger ads. Gain additional subscribers by setting a Messenger greeting when a user visits your Facebook page.

Messenger and your Website/Blog

Customer Chat Plugin Using ZoConvert

Give customers access to your FAQ, customer representatives, and other contact information via the ZoConvert. This bot is a simple way to present customers with basic information and start the conversation.

How to Use Facebook Messenger Bot for Lead Generation 27


How to Use Facebook Messenger Bot for Lead Generation 28

Exit intent popups and floating bars are a powerful way to gain subscribers. Some of the best call to actions we’ve seen are contests run in Messenger, discount codes, and special collector’s items just for Messenger subscribers.

Product Page

How to Use Facebook Messenger Bot for Lead Generation 29

Attract customers to your Messenger by offering discount codes, free shipping updates, premium content and more on your product page.

Checkout page

How to Use Facebook Messenger Bot for Lead Generation 30

Add a send to messenger button with options for shipping updates, newsletters, and more in your checkout stage.

Lead Generation with Messenger

People are responding to Facebook Messenger messages in record-high numbers. I know for a fact that you can get 88% open rates on your Facebook Messenger bot campaigns.

Why Lead Generation is better with Messenger

  • Qualification through conversation results in higher conversion rates
  • Lower CPL compared to normal Facebook ads
  • Integration with your Facebook ads
  • Automated qualification
  • Results pushed directly to your CRM

How it Works

How to Use Facebook Messenger Bot for Lead Generation 31

Sending your Facebook ads to Messenger vs. your Website

Sending your lead generation ad to Messenger rather than your website results in less cost per lead and more leads generated.

Why it Works

  • Automated
  • 80% – 90% Open Rate
  • 20% – 30% CTR
  • Less dropout between ad and messenger than ad and website
  • Retargeting options for users who do not finish a quiz

Lead Generation with Facebook Messenger

Now, Learn how to set up your lead generation campaign with a Messenger Marketing provider.

What to use

To set up a Lead Generation Messenger Marketing campaign, you need to sign up with a Messenger Marketing service in order to create the bot. In this case, we are using ZoConvert.

Why use ZoConvert?

It is a platform that creates a messenger bot on Facebook for marketing strategies quick and easy! Key features like automated personalized messaging, reports on campaign performance, make it the best place to start your marketing. Brands use zoconvert to enhance their sales and improve user interaction. Your fans can be converted into your subscribers, helping your content reach a wider audience span. [Check out our In-depth ZoConvert Review here]

Click here to check out the top 6 best facebook messenger bot platforms [Free & No Coding required].

Step 1: Create your bot

Pro Tip: Make sure to test your bot!

Creating your bot in ZoConvert tool is your next step to lead generation: ask questions, provide content, add videos, gifs, galleries and more. Send users to different steps of the chat flow based on their answers. 

Step 2: Add Attributes for Future Targeting

To give users attributes, head to the attribute tab and create an attribute. For example, to tag people as a new customer, make a “customer type” attribute. To connect that attribute to that answer, click the button to configure it. Under “set user attribute”, choose your premade attribute and write in the group (New Customer).

Asking for customer input: emails, phone number, company, job title, and more. This information will be later pushed to your CRM via Webhook.

Step 3: Set up retargeting

Capture more leads by setting up retargeting to send reminders to finish qualification, content, and more to subscribers. Set up a retargeting campaign in the sequences tab and send subscribers to that sequence via the “subscribe to sequence” option in the bottom toolbar of the bot builder.

Step 4: CRM integration

Set up your Webhook by adding your Webhook URL. You can add source, provider, type, etc in the Webhook data. [Click here to check out how to integrate webhook with your email service]

Step 5: Create an ad in Facebook Ads Manager

How to Use Facebook Messenger Bot for Lead Generation 32

Campaign Objective

Is your goal for your lead generation to qualify and send that customer information to a CRM and your sales team? Your marketing objective will be ‘Messages’ because your goal is to optimize your campaign to get messages.

Is your goal to send people to a product page? Your marketing the objective will be ‘Conversions’ because your goal is to optimize for click-outs to your page.

Step 6: Connect ad to the bot using ZoConvert

First, go to your ZoConvert account and click the Templates tab on the right and click on copy JSON code.

json inegration

After copying JSON code paste in Bot Payload column, check the screenshot below.

How to Use Facebook Messenger Bot for Lead Generation 33

Now, you’re done!


How to Use Facebook Messenger Bot for Lead Generation 34


Under the retargeting tab, you can set up the abandoned cart reminders, order confirmations, and shipping updates. Here you can change the messages, descriptions, button text, and more for each of the 3 abandoned cart reminders.

Best Practices

You can turn off the 2nd and 3rd reminders, but they usually are a great opportunity to provide discount codes! You can customize the UTM parameters for those uses for tracking.

Is Messenger GDPR compliant?

The short answer? Yes. The long answer? Of course, Messenger can be used without regard for GDPR- but doing so is really unwise. Our rule is to follow your same GDPR rules for Messenger as you do with your website. Ask before providing and provide and delete data when you are asked.

What to look for in a Messenger Marketing Platform

  • Ecommerce Store and CRM integration – Shopify, Magento, etc.
  • Custom Integration – Integration with the store allows you to act according to the customer’s historical data like the products purchased, favorited, etc.. Having a pixel installed in your website means you can start specific funnels regarding the actions a person did on the website.
  • Customer service that works – When it comes to your eCommerce business, you definitely want good technical customer service and too often companies want to offer as little as possible. Make sure your choice has an option to talk with customer service via chat!


Take advantage of Facebook Messenger ads to connect with your audience in a more interactive and meaningful way. This is just one of the best way to generate leads using facebook messenger bot.

Test, test, test, and as always…

What do you think? Will you try this tactic for lead generation via your Messenger bot? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.


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Facebook Messenger Bot for Lead Generation

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