Top 5 Tips to Drive Traffic from Facebook to Your Website

Today, Facebook has become a platform on which people have been promoting the business more than focusing on the social media stuff. It has become a platform of opportunity for the startups and it creates faster awareness about something new in the industry. Show all the big companies MNCs and the startup’s page can be found on Facebook. The only thing that you need to do is to transfer that Facebook traffic to your website.

If you want to reach your target audience, build trust and create awareness about your business/startup. Then, it is important to have your Facebook traffic driven to your website/blog traffic. Traffic is the lifeblood of any business. Here are 5 ways to drive traffic from Facebook that have been mentioned below.

Best tips to drive traffic from Facebook

1. Engaging Content

The first and foremost thing that you need to take care of is the content part. You need to post the content on the Facebook which is relevant to the website/blog and which attracts more customers. Some pictures, some post with intriguing questions through which the potential customers would feel the need for going to your Facebook page and have the curiosity to explore more. Show that the potential customers come to your Facebook page first.

2. Proper Website Links

Once the potential customers come to your Facebook page it is important that they find the links to your website. For that, you need to put the website links in such a way that it can be easily visible to them and approachable. There should not be any hassles for the visitor to go to a website or should not take long enough. Along with that, you can also have a call to action button through which you would be able to contact the customers through an email or a contact number provided by them.

3. Website Content

After the visitor has been driven to your website, the content of the website should be such that it would interest the customer. One thing that you can do is have some good blogs with some catchy pictures, videos and other things that the customer would want to visit your website again. This would provide them with some interesting reads and they might also say about that blogs on the social media through which the other visitors might also come to know. So put up fresh and catchy website content.

4. Catchy Images, Titles, and Captions

The content of the post on your website should be visible to the visitors. Any phrase quote or image should have a clear image. You can also have some interesting thoughts and use proper text to attract the customer. Use some catchy titles and captions as and when necessary. This would also help you get more likes comments and shares. Also, do not overload your website with a lot of content but put up the relevant and important part which would attract the customers.

5. Mobile Friendly

Nowadays, most of the people search the Facebook account from the mobile. Hence, it is important that your website should be mobile friendly. Has your website optimized for mobile so that it can influence the customer to trust in your business and can have a proper image and information regarding the same? Word of mouth is the all-time favorite which would work definitely. Also, make sure that it does not take too long to open your website to optimize for the speed as well.

With these 5 tips, you would be able to expand your business and get more traffic on your website from your Facebook page. Apart from this, you can always try to advertise your website through Facebook for some little amount. Facebook has a ton of options when it comes to targeting your ads. You can start advertising for as little as $5 and there are lots of reports and measures to show you what kind of return you’re getting.

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