Top 6 Tips to Design High-Converting Landing Pages

From identifying the right audience to creating a killer headline, these tips will guide on everything you require to create a high converting landing page.

A landing page is a page where a visitor lands as soon as they click a certain link or URL. It can be your homepage or a standalone page for a specific product or event.

But a landing page is more than this plain definition. It is an important marketing tool to promote product and services over the Internet.

Generally, the aim of a landing page is to entice the visitors through benefits and offers, and then prompt them to take a specific action—may be to make a purchase, or to sign up.

They are just like a salesman who convinces the visitors into buying your product or services.

However, it doesn’t mean you just arrange text and images together to create a landing page and launch it straight away.

Keep in mind that the “appearance” of your landing page can make or break sales, so don’t forget to do the effective ux research before starting the work.

Cluttered text, poor color scheme, and slow load speed can turn off your potential customers. They are likely to abandon the page due to their short attention span. This way, a poor landing page can cost the sale of your good product. In fact, a great landing page helps you sell even your mediocre product.

Therefore, you need to invest in the designing of your landing page to keep it flawless, attractive and snappier. Here’s how…

Who is Your Target Audience?

First, first, it is important to identify your target audience. Who is most likely to buy your product or services? Your product or services are aimed at which group of people?

Are they professionals? Are they homeowner? Are they gym buffs? Are they seniors? Are they parents?

Make sure your landing page is built around your target audience. If you sell joint pain balm, make sure you are targeting seniors. If you sell whey protein, make sure you are outreaching fitness freaks. Similarly, your home improvement services should target homeowners.

So, how to build a landing page around a specific audience?

Pondering over these points will show you the way.

  • What kind of people will buy my products or services?
  • Where do they live?
  • What are their problems?
  • How my product can help them?

Pondering over these points will help you create a killer copy that can hit the bull’s eye.

Create a Magnetic Headline

No matter how great yoursales copyis, it is a headline that encourages a visitor to explore more on the landing page. According to one study, more than 90% of visitors who read headlines also read sales copy.

Here are the things to keep in mind while creating a compelling headline for your landing page.

  • A headline should explain the things clearly, rather than posing riddles or suspense.
  • Keep it big and bold.
  • A headline should promise what your landing page can deliver.
  • Keep it short. It shouldn’t be more than 20 words. A recommended limit is up to 10 words.
  • Create a supporting sub-headline for telling the “benefits”.

Work Over Your Sales Copy:

Internet users have a short attention span for less than a second before they engage with your product.

So how do you create an elevator pitch for such a short span? The answer lies in simplicity and clarity.

The simpler the structure of your pitch is, the more readable it would be to your prospectus customer.

Incorporate the following tips while writing a conversion copy for landing page…

  • Keep a simple sentence structure.
  • Use short sentences and basic words.
  • Avoid using industry jargon for the general public.
  • Use normal words as if you are talking to 10 years old.
  • Use normal conversation expressions like—“Seriously”. “Crazy”. “Wait a moment”.
  • Use bullet points to explain the benefits of your offer.
  • Highlight key points using bolded text or italics.

Create a Persuasive Call to Action

CTA prompts a visitor to do the actions you want them to do. It gives you an opportunity to strike the hot iron (sales copy).

Keep CTAshort to 5-7 words and convincing. Use powerful sentences like “Give Me Free E-Book Now”, “Book Your Next Adventure Now”, “Claim Your Free Trial” and “Get a Taste of Success”.

However, there are some rules to keep in mind while creating CTA:

  • Start CTA with “Shop”, “Buy” or “Order” for your E-commerce site. Similarly, CTA for newsletter starts with “Subscribe” or “Download”.
  • The words should stir emotions. For example, “Book Your Dream Vacation with Us”.
  • Use a phrase like Snag, Grab, Score, Start, Do You Want, Activate, and Running out of Time.
  • Use a contrasting color for your CTA button. For example, a red button can be used for light background like white or blue.

Use Appealing Visuals

An image worth 1000 words! Using images, videos or gif not only makes your landing page engaging but also supports your sales copy efficiently. Things are more understandable in visuals than text. According to one study, adding videos to a landing page can increase conversions by 86%.

To make visuals more appealing and user-oriented over your landing page, make sure to imply the things given below.

  • Use high-quality shots of your products. Therefore, get it done by a professional product photographer.
  • Use relevant visuals. Using a happy family pic for a landing page targeting marketing professionals is simply ridiculous.
  • You can also use a picture of a business owner to make your brand look more “human”.

Use Social Proof

Add some social proof to your landing pages to improve its third-party credibility and offers.

Social proof can be anything, from testimonials, case studies to expert reviews. Social proof helps you build trust with your customers and potential ones. According to Nielsen’s survey, 70% of users are likely to trust a review from someone they’ve never met.

The quotes from your customers can be placed below the form or under the image on a landing page. Don’t forget to include a photo, name, and company of your users.

You can also add data about how many users have purchased your product. For example, 20K Happy Shoppers!


So these are some basic ideas to create a landing page that converts. However, if you think these tips will give you overnight success, you need to think again. This is just the tip of the iceberg. You need to go an extra mile by doing A/B testing and keep track of results. As far as A/B testing concerns, it is the way to create multiple version of one landing page to see which version has a better success rate.

Do you want to say something? Drop your opinion to the comment box given below.

Design High-Converting Landing Pages

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